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penobscot, maliseet, micmac tribes of native americans...I believe all are members of the abernaki nation

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Q: Who were the original people of Maine?
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Is Maine an original colony?

No. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts.

Maine one of original 13 colonies?

No. At the time Maine was part of the colony of Massachusets,

Is there an on-line source to view the provisions of Maine's original constitution?

The following website has a comparison of the original and statutory Maine Constitutions:

Was Maine one of the 13 original colonies?


Which state was not part of the original thirteen colonies?

Maine was not one of the original 13 colonies.

What state was not one of the original thirteen colonies?

Maine was not one of the original thirteen colonies.

Was Maine an original colony or was it a part of territory?

Maine and Massachusetts were part of the same territory therefore part of the 13 Original colonies -

What year did Maine enter us?

Maine entered the united states of America in 1820 and it wasn't a original colony

Which states were in the original Super Tuesday primaries?

Maine and Nevada

What was Harpswells Maine original name?

The Abenaki called it Merriconeag.

Is Maine one of the thirteen original states?

no it was a part of Massachusetts

How many people speak French in Maine?

30.2 people in Maine parle francais

What kind of music do people listen to in Maine?

People in Maine love to listen to country

What is the populaton of Maine?

The estimated population of Maine is 1,316,000 people.

How have people affected the Desert of Maine?

Maine doesn't have a desert.

What is Maine's estimated population?

13540 people live in Maine

Do people from Maine eat a lot of potatoes?

Maine's Aroostook County is known for its potatoes, but people from Maine don't necessarily eat conspicuously more potatoes than people from other states. The foods Maine is typically associated with are lobster and blueberries.

Was Maine one of the original 13 colonies?

No. Maine was originally part of Massachusetts. It was not it's own state until the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

Which region of Maine has the most people?

the coastal lowlands region of Maine

How many people per square mile in Maine?

As of 2000 the answer is 41 people per square mile in Maine

Why are not Maine and vermont counted in the thirteen original colonies?

Maine and Vermont were considered too close to the French and Indian war in what we now call Canada.

What 2 northeastern states were not among the original 13 colonies?

Maine and Vermont

Where are the original colonies located?

They are located on the eastern coast of the U.S., from Maine to Georgia.

Why isn't Maine a part of the original 13 colonies?

I don't know you tell me

What are the attractions in Maine?

There are a great many attractions in Maine. The ocean is one attraction in Maine that many people enjoy visiting.

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