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The political and military leaders of the Union during the American Civil War were Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and William T. Sherman. Also on the list are Edwin M. Stanton, David Farragut, and David D. Porter, among others.

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Who are the major military and political leaders of the north and south during the civil war?

generals lee and grant in general the souths political leaders were wealthy white plantation owners

Who were the Major Political and Military Leaders of the Union North in the civil war?

It was Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. they were both the presidents at the time. there were also other political leaders but im not sure of that yet.

Who were the leaders of the South during the US Civil War?

The key political leader of the South during the US Civil War was the Confederate President Jefferson Davis. By all accounts it can be said that the South's key military leader was General Robert E. Lee.

Who were the political leaders during the civil war?

The Union president was Abraham Lincoln. The Confederate President was Jefferson Davis.

What are Diocletians reforms?

Social reform in reestablishing the importance of the imperials, tax reforms in a standardized tax system, military reforms in abolishing the field armies, political reforms in establishing a tetrarchy, administrative reforms in separating the civil leaders from the military leaders

Why are General Grant and General Lee compared as Military leaders?

Because they were tho most prominent military leaders of the Civil War.

Who were the leaders of the Irish civil war?

There were four military commanders during the Irish Civil War. They were Michael Collins, Richard Mulcahy, Liam Lynch, Frank Aiken.

You need to find something about civil war that begins with a v?

Union General Horatio Van Cleve and Confederate General Earl Van Dorn were military leaders during the Civil War. Vicksburg, Mississippi was the scene of a battle during the Civil War.

Who were the leaders of the Confederacy?

The military leader of the Confederacy was clearly General Robert E. Lee. On the political side of the US Civil War, the president of the Confederacy was its president, Jefferson Davis.

Who were the main military leaders for the civil war?

the main military leader of the north was Abraham Lincoln and the military leader of the south general lee

What has the author Rakesh Gupta written?

Rakesh Gupta has written: 'Political stability and civil-military relations under Gorbachev' -- subject(s): Armed Forces, Civil-military relations, Political activity

What military leader marched his troops into the city of Rome first?

The first military leader to march his troops into the city of Rome was Lucius Cornelius Sulla. This happened in 88 BC during a dispute between the leaders of Rome's two rival political factions, Sulla and Marius. The dispute escalated into a military conflict which historians have called Sulla's First Civil War.

What was the South's greatest strength during civil war?

The South's greatest strength during the Civil War was as follows: they had better military leaders compared to the Northerners. Just for the heck of it, they also had a home advantage, since they knew their land well. Answered by: Simen.K

Could the southern military leaders hold office after the civil war?

After the civil war, Southern military officers could NOT hold office.Answer:Indeed, former CSA Gen. Joseph Wheeler fought as US Brigadier General duringthe Spanish-American War in 1898.

What was a revolutionary development during the Civil War?

Please let me kindly know for which revolutionary development (military, scientific, political, technological, industrial etc.) you are asking about.

When was the first US military draft?

The first military draft was during the civil war.

In the Battle of Antietam who were the military leaders?

This was a battle during the U.S. Civil War. The South was led by General Lee, and the North was led by Major General George B. McClellan.

Who was a powerful Roman leader?

Please be more specific. Rome had many leaders over the years. You need to tell us weather you mean military or civil leaders and also during what time they lived.

What is the modern definition of the term called military strategy?

At the time of the US Civil War, military & political leaders often used the term of military policy. It had its meaning at the time, but a clearer understanding of the term is better defined by the following;Strategy defines how military force is used in the pursuit of a political driven goal. This by no means is "splitting hairs". It places the method and planning of force to meet the political goals of a government.

What were the north's advantages during the US Civil War?

They had slaves fighting for them, and they knew the area very well, and also they had the most people. The south had the most up to date equipment and the best military leaders. The north did NOT have good leaders such as McClellan.

What were some of the Southern strategies in the Civil War?

The South's strategy during the Civil War was to get Great Britian's support. >The South's strategy was to use the great military leaders and commanders they had in order to defeat the North. With the North having multiple advantages, the South used their strongest factor: military training.

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