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Who were the two Presidents during the Civil War?


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On April 12, 1861, America was split up into two parts. The north & the south. The North was the United States of America. The South was the Confederate States of America. The president of the Confederate States of America was Jefferson Davis. The President of the United States of America was Abraham Lincoln. They were considered the Presidents of the Civil War.


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they were two generals during the civil war

Arkansas had two capitals during the Civil War. The capital was Little Rock, but during the Civil War, the Confederate government made Hot Springs the capital also.

During the Spanish Civil War, there was no one leader of Spain. It was a civil war so there were two sides, with two different leaders, each claiming to lead Spain.

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None. A civil war is two states, for example, within a country at war.

They saw it as a war between two sovereign nations.

Dwight D. Eisenhower -- commander of the European Theatre in WWII Ulysses S Grant -- Union General during U.S. Civil War.

the two sides during the US civil war were the union (North) and the confederacy (south)

The presidency during the Civil War was rocky. Lincoln had to face the issues of slavery and the secession of the Confederate states.

That depends on which civil war (ie in which country) you are asking about.

There were two during the time of the war but most notably would be Abraham Lincoln.

Actually many Presidents have had command of troops as an Officer of the Military. See the link.

Well first of all it was fought between the Union and Confederacy which were the two sides of the Civil War, and it was fought during the time period of the Civil War.

The two most famously known generals during the civil war were: South: Robert E. Lee North: Ulyess S. Grant

The first use of a submarine to sink a warship occurred in the Civil War. The conflict between two ironclad ships occurred for the first time in the Americas during the Civil War; ironclads were already in use in Europe and had battled in the Adriatic.

Franklin D. Roosevelt for nearly the entire war, and Harry Truman right at the end.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry Truman, in that order.

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S Truman.

The two most common intestinal diseases that afflicted soldiers during the American Civil War were diarrhea and dysentery. Dysentery alone was the cause of more than 95,000 of the 620,000 war deaths during the Civil War.

Atlanta and Richmond were the two major confederate cities which were nearly burned to the ground late in the Civil War.

Because the two presidents Abraham Lincoln did not agree with the idea of slavery.

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