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The yanks were the Union, opposing the Confederacy.


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Yanks, also known as the Yankees, were the US part in World War 1. It was also a term used to describe the northerners in the Civil War.

The Northern soldiers nicknames were the Yankees or Yanks.

It was the North in the Civil War. The North's nicknames were the Yanks(Yankees) and the South's were the Rebels.

You can choose between the Yanks and the Rebs, the North and the South or the USA and the CSA.

The Confederates called them Yanks, Yankees, or Blue Bellies.

Northerners were Billy Yanks; Southerners were Johnny Rebs.

It means you are an American. It can also refer to Union troops in the Civil War.

Soldiers for the North (Union) were called "yanks" or more derisively "blue-bellies."

Bluebellies, Billy Yank, Yanks or Yankees are some of the names Confederate soldiers had for Union Forces

The Union soldiers in the Civil War were sometimes called "yankees" or "yanks." The Confederate soldiers were sometimes called "rebels" or "rebs."

The two sides of the US Civil War were the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA againsts th Confederat States of America. The Civil War was the North and South, the Yanks against the Rebs,or the United States (North) and the Confederacy (South). However, there have been other civil wars in other countries; civil war simply means a war within the boundaries of a country.

the Yanks were what British called Americans short for Yankees

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Union slodiers - Yanks or Yankees . bushwhacker - a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War Confederate - a supporter of the Confederate States of America greyback, Johnny, Johnny Reb, Reb, Rebel - `Johnny' was applied as a nickname for Confederate soldiers by the Federal soldiers in the American Civil War; `greyback' derived from their grey Confederate uniforms

The term "Yankee" or "Yanks" was given to the Northern forces of the United States in the US Civil War. This excluded Kentucky which at first was neutral in that war. Later that changed, however, Kentuckians were never considered to be "Yankees". Later in history, the term "Yanks" was used to describe the Americans. This was a term used often by France & Great Britain in WW1.

US Navy warships. During the US Civil War, the US was called: Federal forces; Union forces; Yankees; Yanks; Blue Coats; Northerners; etc.

The Union soldiers and sailors were from the Northern states that remained loyal to the United States. They are often referred to as Yankee's or Yanks, Federals, and United States troops.

During the US Civil War, the Confederate army which is the southern army, referred to the Union Army's soldiers as yankees or yanks. The Union Army (northern army) referred to the Confederate Army's soldiers as rebels, rebs or Johnny Reb.

The Union, North: Yanks, Yankees, Blue BelliesThe Confederacy, South: Rebels, Rebs, Johnny Rebs, Sesh, Secessionists, Gray Backs

They were called the Yanks or Yankees

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