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the people that were wearing blue uniforms

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There were growing craft unions during the Civil War for a few reasons. One of these reasons that they needed to have unity.

Washington D.C was the unions capital.

what was the unions plan of attack during the civil war

Nevada was on the unions side in the civil war

Richmond, VAThe Confederate capital during the civil war was Richmond Virginia. In the unions plan "Anaconda Plan", one was to capture the capital of the confederacy

To prevent the succession of the Confederate States.

Britain supplied them with weapons. And they won!

yes, the civil war had a draft during the civil war

about 260,000 confederates died and 350,000 Unions died total about 618,000 to 700,000 soldiers died

they were two generals during the civil war

Abraham Lincoln was the president during the civil war.

what are the key events during the civil war

Labor unions and civil rights groupsgot rid of members who had Communist ties.-apex

Yes, but only civil unions issued within Colorado. There is no recognition for the civil unions of other states.

Slaves during the civil war were treated very cruelly.

Abraham Lincoln was President during the US Civil War.

They were called Rebels during the Civil War

What happened during the Liberia civil war?

Kansas remained in the Union during the Civil War.