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Q: Who were wearly from long marches at Valley Forge?
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How Long was the valley forge war?

i need to know how long was the winter at valley forge and the data and the year

How long did the battle at Valley Forge last?

There was no battle at Valley Forge. It was the winter camp for Washington's troops.

Who spent a long cold winter at Valley Forge?

George Washington's Continental Army stayed during the cold long winters at Valley forge.

What state was the revolutionary war battle at Valley Forge and the civil war battle at ghettysburg fought?

Both Valley Forge and Gettysburg are in Pennsylvania. However, Valley Forge was the location of a 6-month long training encampment and there was not a battle fought at the location.

How long was the war in Valley Forge?

Valley Forge was not a battle site, but the winter quarters for Washington's troops. The war took place in many areas of the colonies.

How long did the continental army stay at Valley Forge?

Washington and his troops arrived at Valley Forge in December of 1777 and stayed there until June of 1778. This is a total time of about six months.

How long did it take to build the Valley Forge memorial chapel?

the valley of the kings took 500 years to build.

How long did the American Revolution war last in Valley Forge?

Valley Forge was not a battle site. It was one spot where Washington's troops spent the winter. The war took place in many spots.

Why was the winter at Valley Forge such difficult time for the Continental Army?

The cold temperatures and the lack of food, shelter, shoes and other adequate clothing caused frostbite, illness, and just overall lack of morale. Men were wounded and weary from battle and long marches and they did not have the adequate supplies to get healthy.

Why did Washington go to Valley Forge?

cuz he had to stay there for the long cold winter

Where did Washington stayed a long winter?

He spent the winter at "Valley Forge, PA".

Where did Washington 's army spend a long cold winter at?

valley forge, PA

What was the valley where george washignton army spent the long hard winter of 1777-78?

The name of the valley where George Washington's army spent the long hard winter of 1777-78 is Valley Forge

When George Washington's army set up camp for the winter at Valley Forge did Washington get a warm bed?

No the winter at valley forge was long and difficult. He didnt have enough food or clothing and a lot of his army deserted the camp.

What did they wear in Valley Forge?

They wore long dresses with a bonet on there head. Most men wore shirts with a woman blouse.

What happened that caused Valley Forge?

The Victory at Saratoga and the promises from help from Europe boost-ed American morale. Even so, Washington's Continental Army had to face hard times as it suffered through the long, cold winter of 1777-1778 at a makeshift camp at Valley Forge.

How long does it take for mail to get from Valley Forge PA to Hyattsville MD?

First class mail is delivered in 3 to 5 days

What were the conditions at Valley Forge in the novel My Brother Sam is Dead?

they were starving and had no clothes, they were cold and hungry. It was a long, cold,, hard winter.

How long does it take to drive from Washington DC to Valley Forge PA?

Google Maps estimates the driving time as 2 hours and 57 minutes.

How long does it take first class mail to get from Valley Forge PA to Hyattsville MD?

First class mail is delivered in 3 to 5 days

Why was the battle of Valley Forge so important?

The long cold winter , the contintal army gained the trust of George Washington. Because It was very cold G.W taught them how to survive and live and protect themseleves as the British.There was no battle at Valley Forge. The Continental Army used it as a winter camp.

How long were the nazi death marches?

A long time

What was the British strategy in the spring of 1777?

The continental army was refreshed after the long winter in Valley Forge. They later went on to win Yorktown against the British. Everyone had high hopes for what could be worse the winter at Valley Forge 2,500 men died, some with out shoes and half naked. Their strategy was to use every ones high hopes to pull off a win against the British.

How long did they march in the death marches?


Military sandals were designed for long marches and made from?