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Who will carry the final torch in the 2006 Olympics?


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2006-02-11 16:24:58
2006-02-11 16:24:58

For the 2006 Olympics in Italy.... Ultimately it was Stefania Belmondo, a three-time gold medal winner in cross-country skiing, who touched the flame to a wire that ignited fireworks and lit the Olympic caldron.


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Italian cross country skier Stefania Belmondo.

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The winter olympics were in 2006, and gymnastics is a summer olympics competition, so gymnastics was not a part of the 2006 Olympics.

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The Olympic torch was brought to Nepal in 2006, after it was blessed by the Pope.

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There were no summer Olympics in 2006, but the winter Olympics held that year were in Turin, Italy.

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The 2006 Winter Olympics were hosted by Turin in Italy.

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