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No one, because that costs in excess of $50s no one will just give it away.

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It would definatly be the Dragonlord armour it is simply brilliant but you do need the dragon amulet :-(

a nava have adragon amulet or dragonlord armor or dragon coin

If you have a dragon amulet, there are certain missions where you can summon your dragon and fight on dragon back. The armor equipped is automatically DragonLord so make sure you train that armor make the most of the dragon back experience.

You need a dragon amulet for Dragonfable then you goto home page and type your dragonfable user and pass then you goto /join tower in aqworlds all the way to the left and redeem from the dragonlord

First you have to buy the dragon amulet (if you dont allready have it) then you go talk to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove, you talk to Lady Celestia and chose Dragon Lord (lvl 8+)

yes but you need a dragon amulet

First u need a dragon amulet and second go to portal outside guardian tower and go to the change colour of armour thing

You can go to Lady Celestia in Sunbreeze Grove and if you have a dragon amulet, you should be able to access the tab for Dragonlord. You have to be level 8 to get the armor and its first skill.

The armor closet is in your house, you need a dragon amulet, the closet itself costs 1000DC.

You can obtain the armor by paying $19.95 on the Dragonfable website. It's called the Doom Knight armor. Each piece of the armor (sword, helm, cloak, and armor) is released every 6 months after you've been a Dragon Amulet holder. You pay $19.95 per item and you also receive 10,000 Dragon Coins each time. An alternative is to wait the two years and pay $65 for all four pieces and the 40,000 Dragon Coins. You save $15 at the same time!

well i found it when doing the "late shipment" quest and it is a very rare drop. (or dragon amulet) you could also finish all of the "bacon origen" quests and do the armor merge shop, u need the first chickencow armor for evalvedcichencow armor, or buy it at Cysero's shop for 45 dragon coins. or evolvedcichencow armor for 500 dragon coins. I hope this helps you.

You can buy armor,get specicil armor, do a bomb run, and they will be quest soon.

the best armor in the game is the doom knight armor but you have to have a dragon amulet for over 2 years to get it

If you have an Adventurequest account as a guardian. Then just verify it on Dragonfable

There is a portal near the guardian tower in Falconreach. Go in it and click the armor paint room. IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have a dragon amulet to use this. Sorry non dragon amulet holders.

You Need To Have Dragon Amulet And Then CLICK TRAIN

In Dragonfable, spend Dragon Coins Or get it in the 100 Dungeon.

there is no amour in dragonfable only class

Only obtainable during the Frostvale holidays, but if you have the armor closet (Dragon Amulet required), you can save it.

it is VERY hard, if you are dragon amulet, get necromancer or deathknight on, or if you have evolved chiken cow armor, equip that, then when low on health, unequip the evo chicken cow armor, then it'll heal your health, and you'll have full health, than beat him.

you need dragon amulet and its in the library of Falcon Reach Tower

You have to have a dragon amulet to do this.Talk to lady celectia and click on dragon lord then click get dragonlord armor and you get taken to a quest complete the quest and you get the armor.

Go to DragonsGrasp and talk with the DragonRouge there, it's a bit of a pain to find him, but once you see him he is pretty easy to find again. Also, if you dont have a Dragon Amulet, you cannot get to DragonsGrasp.

You can, but if you are caught using it you will be kicked off of Dragon Fable.

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