Who will win at fighting Tupac or Big?

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Big... Tupac IS dead!
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How do you fight and win?

Answer You walk away. Preferably before the fight, but walking away is the ideal. There are many types of schools that will teach you martial skills that can help win a fight. But no single way is a guarantee. A novice thug can get a good punch in and take out even the most skilled martial artis ( Full Answer )

Who is tupac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur(his full name)a.k.a 2pac or Makavelli was a famous and well-respected rapper in the 90's.His early life he grew up with his mother and siblings in california.At the time he was a teenager he began rapping with his friends,but as he got more well known he went solo.Given the knowle ( Full Answer )

Where is Tupac from?

he is from Baltimore, Maryland i luv u so much lesane parish crooks a.k.a tupac amaru shakur!!!!!

Who was Tupac?

Tupac Amaru Shakur (1971-1996) was an American rapper.the best rapper of all Tupac Amuru Shakur was a well known and well respected gangster rapper

Who the is tupac?

Tupac was one of the greatest rappers of all time, he was murdered & was killed 1996

What should you do to win a fight against a big guy?

Kick them straight in the nuts. That puts any man down ! Yes, a swift kick in the nuts works, but it also depends on the circumstance. If you are truly afraid for your life, punch them in the throat (not with a fist, with your knuckles curled on you fingers), if it is a simple schoolyard fight DO ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight me or a shark?

It depends what sharks we are dealing with if we are dealing with aGreat White Shark then you will lose the fight. But if it is aGreat White but is stuck on land or stranded on a boat then thatmight be you.

Who will win in a fight cloud or tidus?

Cloud, hes just way better, no explanation needed. Well Tardus(Tidus) is just an idiot! Hes weak and dumb and cloud can kill him. Plus Auron's better than all!

Who wins the fight?

The winner of a fight is often times the one with more experience and advanced skills through training of high quality, and the one who is smart enough not to get into a situation in the first place. Some factors that typically contribute to success in unarmed combat include physical strength, spee ( Full Answer )

Who is better Tupac or BIG?

Tupac. Tupac's lyrics ran deep into the hearts of young teens trying to get out of the ghetto. Big was good too, but overall Tupac had more albums, better lyrics, and far much more talent than Notorious BIG ever did.

How do you get into a fight and win?

stay calm if your not angry, if your angry to the point where you want to hurt them stay focused instead of throwing wild punches because that'll make you tired easily. you gotta keep a stance, move around your opponent and look for a place on their face to injure them until they dont want to fight ( Full Answer )

How do you win a fight?

Get a good feet stance behind one or you will get flawed to knock out/kill. Punch them in their chin and they will shake their heads to injury. Do hard jabs to the body or go for the groin area to stun them. There is no way to guarantee a win. Everyone has the chance to get in a lucky punch. Bein ( Full Answer )

Did notorius big really set Tupac up?

Its Possible... but then again...isn't anything? In my opinion, Frank had NOTHIN 2 do wit pacs death!!!!! Theres 2 many possibilities 2 condem 1 brother! It was in BIGs best interests 2 keep Pac alive as the East/West beef was probably makin mo money than the actual music was... and still is. Beef a ( Full Answer )

Did ali win the big fight with fraizer or did fraizer win?

Well... I'm not sure what one your'e talking about, there were 3 fights between ali and fraizer, the first fight fraizer won in ko, the second ali won ko and the third ali won by ko in the 15th round. Hope this helps!

Do you ever win a fight noboby ever wins a fight?

no nobody ever win a fight some people think that fighting is the answer to stuff but it's not. Now, stuff like World War 1 or 2 and the rest of the American fights that's different we were saving are country and our people, but in this generation it's just stupid, like this guy wants that woman but ( Full Answer )

Can Tupac fight?

he was raised in the streets.. with no father, and if you listen to his songs, (lyrics) then you;d know. he was thrown into the streets.

Was nutourious big involved with the Tupac Shakur shooting?

No he was not, Tupac was shot in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson show after beating up a member of the Crips, the Crip's homies went after Tupac and Suge and drive by his car at a red light, Some say Suge was in on it, but im pretty sure it was just some pist off Crips

Who would win in a fight between a thumb and a big toe?

The big toe is considerably stronger than the thumb however it has limited flexibility and a small grip area making it easy to escape. The big toe (as anyone who has ever walked through a house in the dark can verify) has a large number of nerve endings in it and is very sensitive. The thumb is r ( Full Answer )

Did Tupac have a will?

most of 2pacs posessions went to his mother in the will but some went to his half brother to none to his father as 2pac only got in contact with him agen in 1994 and the last time he saw him he was 7... i wunt give him none of my stuff either wud u?

Which big cats will win a fight?

Tiger vs Antelope=Tiger because even though an antelope is faster a tiger can sneak up on it and swipe at it and bite the neck of the antelope and finish its meal. Lion vs Zebra=Lion because a lion can hunt down the zebra both are fast but than lion can probably jump on to the back of the zebr ( Full Answer )

What do you win for a fight in Mobsters?

Come up with a three minute rap and a ten minute stand up act. Withthat knowledge, spin three times and throw glitter at an owl,screaming "Magic!". Then go to the supermarket and buy five applesand ask the store owner why they don't call. Now eat the apples andthere you have it. You have beaten it, ( Full Answer )

Who will win the fight cougar or anaconda?

The full grown anaconda will win. Although the cougar will bite savagely that won'tstop the deceptively quick & incredibly strong anaconda from wrapping itself aroundhim and slowley sqeezing the life out of him.

Who would win in a fight between optimus prime and big bird with an AK 47?

Interesting dilemma... Optimus is too good to crush a poor, helpless, childlike bird, and I doubt big bird would know what an AK47 was, let alone how to use it. No, it's far more likely big bird would off himself on accident by looking down the barrel or something.

Who would win in a fight to the death?

If you mean a fight between a lion and a gorilla, it would be unlikely to take place- they live in different areas. Either COULD kill the other- but my money would be on the lion- since they are predators, and better at killing prey. But in the end, the only CERTAIN winner would be the vultures- sin ( Full Answer )

Did p diddy set up big and Tupac?

yes he did because tupac was the only person in bad boy records for biggie smalls gain control ovehip hop

Why did Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur get shot?

In 1994 at a Mardi Gra march in Mobile Al. Big Daddy, New York, Tupac, Matt Damen, Ben affleck, Matthew Damon, and Sindee Hasam dehooded the KKK and big showed them the biggest blackest butt they will ever see that's where N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. B.I.G. came from Ben Affleck gave him that name just befor ( Full Answer )

What will win in a fight a hippo or a hyena?

the hippo because the hippo is bigger stronger and has a better attack and defense and if the hyena tried to kill it the hippo would rip its head off the hyena would bite and claw the hippo a few times since it is faster and smarter but the hippo would win noah davis wrote this

Will a ninja or a boxer win in a fight?

you cant be a boxer but you can beat some one as a ninja even sense.......if you need too beat him,it will take about 7 goes when he makes a mistack choose carefully......................

Who will win in a fight giraffe or a lion?

The giraffe, actually, because a giraffe can kick 10x harder than ahorse, so if a giraffe kicked a lion in the right spot, he couldknock it out or even kill it. Plus, what kind of lion would goattack a giraffe? There so big, they could easily just step on youand then away from this world you go. You ( Full Answer )

Who will win in a fight lion or kangaroo?

Although these creatures are not exactly famous for fighting, I reckon that it would probably be the lion that would win as it has more senses and instincts on it's side.

Who will win in a fight rottweiler or leopard?

the leopard would win the leopard is stronger faster and have stronger claws and has a better attack and defense than a rottweiler the winner is the leopard noah davis wrote this

What will win in a fight a gorilla or a lion?

i think a lion, but if a silver back gorilla is in a plane field in daytime, the gorilla can lift 1000 pounds, and is more intelligent, the gorilla could kill the lion with one swing of its mighty arm.

Did Tupac fight through his death?

Yes he did. He was in hospital for 6/7 days in total and he repeatedly, against doctors orders, attempted to get up and out of bed before he finally passed on the afternoon of September 13, 1996 of internal bleeding.

Who would win a fight tupac or 50 cent?

50 cent is bigger and more powerful with muscles plus 2pac smokes n drinks too much so hands down 50 would win. If its in music lyrics then that would go to 2pac

How do you win fights on fight my monster?

Make sure you use a better monster than the one you are fighting. . It will be better if it has a potion on it . Don't do collect because once i fought my neptunes water against a rubbish monster and they won . So... train it in the dojo to level it up . My opinion is that you should save up you ( Full Answer )

Would a cheetah win at a fight?

It depends on some factors such as what it is against, how healthy it is and how healthy it's opponent is, ect.