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It depends on the situation of where these two animals are put in, and the size and health of each other. An attacking lion with strong swipes and powerful claws and cainines could injure or kill an ox, but the ox would try to fight back if it is cornered. An ox would run away from an attacking lion, while the lion charges to jump on its back and claw it to death. If this happens, the lion is the winner. Even if the ox has sharp horns and tough strong body with thick hooves, the lion is a faster, strong hunter that have been known to attack cape buffalos and bulls. In the case, the lion would win the fight with the ox.

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Q: Who will win in a fight between an ox and a lion?
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Who would win in a fight between an ox a black bear and a lion?

A lion because it can defend it self better then an ox and bear. The black bear will not win when the lion can kill it with a weight advantage and teeth, and also the ox can knock its chest with its thick head. This leaves the ox and the lion fighting. A lion has sharp claws and sharp teeth, while an ox has a thick, strong body, sharp horns, strong head, and large hooves. If the lion charged at the ox, the ox can hit it with its horns and kill it.

Who will win in a fight between 2 gorillas and an ox?

2 gorillas are very strong and powerful enough to kill an ox, so the gorillas will definitely win.

Who would win in a fight between an ox 10 dogs a cattlebeast and a crocodile?

The crocodile could win, but would get badly injured by the ox and the cattlebeast's body.

Who would win in a fight between an ox and a polar bear?

It depends on the health and size of the two animals, and the position of where are they attacking. If the ox struck the polar bear with its head or knocked its chest, the ox would win the fight. If the polar bear swiped and clawed the ox to death, the ox would be a meal of the polar bear.

Who would win in a fight between a yak an ox 5 lions and a hippo?

Possibly the hippo.

Who would win in a fight an ox or a boar?

Most likely an Ox, they are bigger and stronger.

Who would usually win in a fight an ox or a boar?

the ox will win as it is stronger but the boar would be faster and might escape

Who would win in a fight between an ox and an elephant?

The elephant. It has thick hide to protect itself from injuries like goring. One stomp of the elephant can kill an ox.

Who will win in a fight an ox or a boar?

Most likely an ox because its hooves will crush the boar's head.

Who would win in a fight a tiger or an ox?

A tiger wouldn't dare mess with an ox that can fend for itself. Most oxen have horns, so that can make it even more intimidating for the tiger to take on. So it's highly likely that an ox will win in this fight.

Who would win in a fight between a gorilla a panther and a large ox?

The panther will not win since the gorilla will give a strong blow to the panther and the large ox will knock down the panther with its head. This leaves the large ox and the gorilla together in fighting. The large ox will win if it knocked the gorilla down with its head or at least gore it to death.

Who would win in a fight between an ox and a tiger?

It depends on the circumstances. If the ox gored the tiger with its horns, the ox is winner. If the tiger bites the ox's throat and clawing its body to death, the tiger would take the lead.

Who would win a fight if kodiak bear and an ox fought?

The ox would win if it is healthy and strong with a gore of the horns on the chest. But is likely that it would get pretty injured.

Who would win in a fight between an ox 5 gorillas and a 10 dogs?

Most likely the 5 gorillas will win. After the ox fights the 10 dogs, it would be killed by the dogs. Then, the gorillas can kill the dogs easily by charging at them or grabbing and throwing sticks or stones at them.

Who would win in a fight between an ox a tiger a lion and a polar bear?

With 4 animals put into a large fight, it is hard to say. An ox has great strength and thick muscles that are good at defending themselves, including their sharp horns and hooves. A lion is a better fighter than a tiger since it has thicker claws and a more resistant body, despite that the tiger has a heavier weight and is stronger. The polar bear is the largest animal on land, and is very capable of killing creatures larger than its size. The ox could be wounded by the tiger or the lion since tigers have abilities to bite on the throat, while lions have capablities of fighting dangerous creatures. Either the tiger or the lion would kill the injured ox. This leaves us to the polar bear, the lion, and the tiger. Even if the lion is a better fighter, the tiger is still quite capable of killing it by knocking it down to death, but could suffer injuries. The polar bear could kill the lion with one swipe of the sharp claws. Since polar bears are stronger, it could probably kill the tiger or at least injure it to death. Overall, the polar bear would win the fight.

Who would win in a fight between a panther a gorilla and a small ox?

The gorilla is most likely the winner. It is likely that the small ox will not win because the panther can kill the small ox by biting or clawing it and the gorilla will throw a stone on the small ox's head. The gorilla later will beat the panther by a snap on the throat or throwing a stone.

Who would win in a fight between an ox a grizzly bear a bull and a saltwater crocodile?

There are far too many variables in this type of question to get a straight-forward answer.

What is the biggest an otter an ox an ant or a lion?

The ox is biggest.

Who would win in a fight between an ox 2 lions and a sun bear?

Most likely the two lions. The sun bear will not win because the ox will kill the sun bear by hitting it with its sharp horns, and the 2 lions will claw the bear to death. 2 lions are enough to kill a fully-grown ox using their 500 pound body weights, large teeth, and thick claws to bring down the ox. If the lions avoided the ox's sharp horns and attacked on the ox's body top, the lions can win such a fight.

Who would win in a fight between 5 gorillas and an ox?

Possibly the gorillas, but fights between these two animals are very rare since gorillas and oxen are herbivores and will leave each other alone.

Who would win in a fight between an ox a gorilla a cattlebeast and a crocodile?

There are just too many variables to this question to be able to answer, simply because there are more animals involved than can be justified in a normal "who-would-win" question.

Who would win a fight a giant polar bear or a musk ox?

Probably the giant polar bear would win because it would claw the musk ox to death and use its strong muscles to bring that thing down.

Can an ox kill a bear?

Depending on its health and strength of the ox, an ox is capable of fighting down a bear. A healthy, strong ox can fight off any bear, but would get some injuries from the bear. If the ox charged and gored the bear with its horns before the bear attacked it, the ox would most likely win the fight with the bear. An ox can still gore a bear even as the bear is attacking. All it takes is the right moment and right timing for that ox to let his horns pierce the bear.

Who would win in a fight between an ox and a saltwater crocodile?

No matter how you look at it, it is highly likely that the crocodile would win. Why? Because it's so low to the ground and moves quite fast enough that it makes it just about impossible for an ox to flip it over and gore its belly. A crocodile can reach up with its jaws and gut the ox like a fish or break its legs. And this is on land we're talking here, not water. In water, an ox wouldn't even have a chance.

How do you translate 'ox eagle lion man' into English from Hebrew?

ox = shur (???) eagle = nesher (???) lion = aryeh (????) man = eesh (???)