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Who will win ironman or Spider-Man?


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June 05, 2009 9:03AM

Okay, this is one of those questions... it depends *Iron-man' has a very powerful suit that can shoot bullets, missiles, grenades, and powerful lasers. Plus he has rocket boots and high sensitive vision inside the helmet. *Spidey has webs, the super strength, the ability to climb walls, the brains, and the spider sence. *Ironman' s suit acts as an exoskeletan that can be used as protection and to improve strength. And he has the money, the brains, and technicaly the sence because of his advanced helmet. But he does have the weakspot in his chest. The glowing light on his suit controls his heart rate from going to high, to low, and way to fast. So if spidey could use enough force to smack that orb out of his chest, he could knock the life out of him. But then again if spidey just kept avoiding the missiles, not doing anything, he would get worn out. Then he would eventually get hit with something Ironman only has so many missles and so much firepower. He can fly but he can really use super duper relfexs.

Im pretty sure spider man would win, he is a superhero who fights supervillians. Ironman is just a rich engineer with alot of guns.