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Tunisian Republic

Who will win the Cup of Tunisia?

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Tunisia is the first African country to win a World Cup match. They defeated Mexico in the 1978 FIFA World Cup.

No, Tunisia has never won the World Cup.

2. Against Russia and Tunisia, both as hosts in 2002.

South Africa won the African Cup of Nations in 1996, defeating Tunisia 2-0 at their home tournament.As of 2012, it is their own triumph.

I really want to know how many times Tunisia has made it to world cup. that is all. answer me please., ok?

No Chile will not win the cup.

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England might win the World Cup.

No Mexico will not win the world cup in 2010.

No, he did not win the Stanley Cup.

England might win the World Cup.

Holland have yet to win a world cup.

Portugal will still have to win the world cup.

As they are not in the world cup each time I do not think they will win the world cup.

Yes They did win the FA cup in 2001.

no he did not win a Stanley cup as a coach

yes France did win a world cup

No Mexico have still to win a world cup.

Sorry Paraguay have yet to win a world cup.

SAMOAS IS GOING TO WIN the world cup

I think Spain win the world cup of 2011.

Hopefully Srilanka win this Asia Cup 2010

No all whites will not win the world cup.

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France won their world cup in the year 1998.It was their only win of the world cup.

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