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Who will win the elimination chamber 2009 match?

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John Cena-Raw chamber

Triple h-Smackdown chamber

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Who will win elimation chamber match WWE champions ship match?

Randy Orton will win the Elimination Chamber since the Elimination Chamber pay per view is in Randy's hometown of St. Louis

Will john cena win the elimination chamber match?

i heard rumors he loses but triple h wins the chamber match

Who is going to win the elimination chamber?

Randy Orton will win the Elimination Chamber!!(:

Who will win the 2010 raw elimination chamber?

John Cena had originally won the Elimination Chamber match, but after the match Vince McMahon made a match between John Cena and "The Animal" Batista for the WWE championship.

Who is going to win the WWE Elimination Chamber 2010?

The winner of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was Chris Jericho to gain the World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of the Raw Elimination Chamber match was John Cena to gain the WWE Championship, only to lose it seconds later to Batista match made per McMahon.

How do you walk out of elimination chamber without being eliminated?

You have to use all your strength to win the match!

Who will win the elimination chamber 2011?

Edge won Smackdown's Elimination Chamber, and John Cena won Raw's.

Who will win 2011 royal rumble?

luke race will win the Royal Rumble and david gustard will win the Raw elimination chamber match,both will face off at Wrestlemania.

Who wins the elimination chamber on no way out?

for the smackdown winner of the elimination chamber was= chris Jericho. for the raw elimination chamber the winer was= john cena but batista attacked john cena to win. for the ecw elimination chamber the winner was= ezekiel Jackson

Who will win WWE elimination chamber 2011?

Edge won Smackdown's Elimination Chamber, and John Cena won Raw's.

Who win the WWE elimination chamber 2011?

Edge won Smackdown's Elimination Chamber, and John Cena won Raw's.

Who will win the WWE championship at elimination chamber 2010?

we don't know the answer but you can find out by watching the wwe elimination chamber on 23 February

Who will win the 2010 elimination chamber?

John Cena and CM Punk should win

Who eliminated Randy Orton in the elimination chamber match in 2010?

Randy Orton was part of the RAW Elimination Chamber match. The other participants were Ted Dibiase, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Triple H and John Cena. Randy Orton was eliminated by Ted Dibiase, who pinned him after Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Orton. John Cena eventually went on win the match.

How did Triple H win the WWE champion?

In the elimination chamber at No Way Out

How do you spin WWE championship belt on svr 2009 wii?

actually it does because when u win in the elimination chamber u will see it moved

Who won the world heavyweight championship in the elimination chamber at no way out 2009?

Edge eliminated Rey Mysterio to win the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out.

How do you beat the elimination chamber on the Wii?

You beat the s*** out of everybody then you pin everybody to win.

How do you unlock Shawn michales on wwe12?

win elimination chamber with undertaker,stone cold

What year did WWE Triple H win elimination chamber?

Triple H has won the Elmination Chamber 4 times. Summerslam 2003 New Year's Revolution 2005 No Way Out 2008 No Way Out 2009

Who will win the elimination chamber 2012?

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger & John Cena should win

Will Zack Jensen become world heavyweight champion?

WHEN ZACK enters the wwe he will win either the royal rumble elimination chamber or money in the bank ladder match to win the world heavyweight title and defeat every challenger

Will CM Punk win the Elimination Chamber?

Yes, and it will be Jericho vs cm punk at wm!

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