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of course El Salvador !

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Q: Who will win today Mexico vs salvador?
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What time does Mexico vs el salvador play.?

What time dose mexico play Vs el salvador

Did Mexico win vs Italy today?

Yes, it did. 2-1 was the final score.

Who won the El Salvador vs Mexico beach soccer match in Cancun?

el salvador

Who will win Mexico vs barcolana?


Why did Mexico not go to the World Cup 82'?

Mexico didn't classify, as it had a horrible season: Mexico vs. Cuba: 4-0 Mexico vs. Haiti: 1-1 Mexico vs. El Salvador: 0-1 Mexico vs. Canada: 1-1 Mexico vs. Honduras: 0-0 At the end, Honduras and El Salvador classified and played on the '82 World Cup.

Who is going to win Mexico vs US?


What time does Mexico vs. El Salvador play?

9:30 ET. (8:30 Mexico City).

When is gutemala vs el salvador game?

today 7/20/08

Who will win the Packers vs Eagles game today?

Packers will win Eagles

Who will win Mexico vs Germany?

The Germany military is far superior to Mexico's military.

What channel plays Mexico vs salvador?

People are saying 6:30 pm telemundo not Univision

What was the soccer score of Mexico vs Brazil?

Mexico 2-0 Brazil mexco nice win

Who win the today match between dd vs srh in ipl?

Who wins today match between dd vs srh

What was the worst loss of Salvador vs Mexico?

March 27, 1935 when Mexico won 8-1 against El Salvador, during the third edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games. The worst Mexican performance was during the Spain 1982 playoffs, when El Salvador defeated Mexico 1-0 and Mexico was unable to attend such World Cup. That game was held on November 6, 1981.

How many times does El Salvador fit in Mexico?

With 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,606 sq mi) vs. 21,040 square kilometers (8,124 sq mi), almost 94 countries the size of El Salvador would fit inside Mexico.

What channel will be showing the El Salvador vs Mexico soccer game June 12 2012?

Telemundo; I just found the answer online.

What time is going to be the match Mexico vs El salvador for the qualified to the world cup?

6:00 or 6:30 PST

Who will win the today's Mumbai vs delhi match?


Who win today match csk vs mi?


Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Chupacabra how will win?

back in 1943 in mexico i was 12 and i had a fasination of...

Who will win match today India Vs West Indies?


Who win the today match between Deccan charges vs Punjab?


What time does the soccer game start Mexico vs el salvador June 12 2012?

6:30 pm Pacific...9:30pm Eastern

Who will win toss and match in today ipl between dd vs chennai?

Toss will win by dd and match by dd

What Chanel going play Honduras vs. El Salvador 2012?

honduras vs el salvador results of 3/17/12