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Who wins Rock of Love on VH1 with Bret Michaels?

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at first its jess... then amber... and now taya (yuck i hate taya)

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Ambre wins but from what I watched there is going to be a rock of love 3 So be watching

The Winner Is Taya.... Obviously Bret has made a BIG mistake! He should of Chosen Mindy, she was perfect! And did i mention Taya has a child! What has Bret got himself into!?

Bret, Bret wins masterchef new zealand

Yes Amber does win rock of love 2 yea!!!!!!!

regular season - 169 wins playoffs - 12 wins

Keep watching Rock of Love Charm School on VH1 and you will find out. If you don't have VH1, go to for results and video clips of the show.

Shawn Michaels will have a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. If The Undertaker wins Shawn Michaels will leave WWE. If Shawn Michaels wins he will have broken The Undertakers WrestleMania winning streak.It is rumored that Shawn Michaels will lose the match. Shawn Michaels is going to take some time off to hang out with the family, but he will return eventually, don't worry HBK fans. I mean look at JBL, he retired 3 times, but still came back.i think wrestlemania 26

He will if he loses to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26 (which I hope he wins!)

Hoopz, winner of "Flavor of love", wins in the end beating Real and Whiteboy.

Ambre wins [edit] The second season Main article: Rock of Love with Bret Michaels (Season 2) The Season 2 premiere aired on January 13, 2008. Twenty new women met Bret, and his assistant Big John, at his mansion. Four women (Daisy, Destiney, Megan and Erin) were asked to stay outside by Bret while the others went in the house and picked their rooms. It was later revealed that they were chosen as "VIPs." Other contestants have been involved with different reality TV shows in the past as well. Angelique Morgan is a porn-star and has been featured on shows such as Dr.90210, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Howard Stern, and Playboytv. Aubry tried out for a spot on MTV's "Yo Momma" but also didn't make the final cut. Kristy Joe Muller and VIP Megan Hauserman are both Playboy models, and are featured in short videos on Playboy's website. Megan was also a previous contestant and on Beauty and the Geek and won the show with her partner, Scooter. Due to the airing of the Super Bowl, Season 2's fourth episode was delayed one week, since there would be significantly lower ratings. The Finalists: Daisy and Ambre. They will travel to Cancun where each girl will receive a 24-hour date before one lucky lady is chosen in Cancun. And Bret picks Amber to be his Rock of Love.

Rock beats scissors. Scissors beats paper. Paper beats rock.

Amber won!!! I really think that this is his final season. She seems like an amazing person and not too yong for him. She is thirty-seven not twenty, so I think she is over the whole party thing and mature enough to handle the jealously thing. He needs someone to keep him in line. She is definalty the right person. No drama is good drama. Congrats Bret!

camp star wins then all the people from camp star want to join camp rock and they sing around the camp fire!

Camp star wins but at the end every one from camp star wants to go to camp rock for the next year.

Bret Farve with 181 John Elway- 148 Dan Marino- 147 Peyton Manning- 131

The winner is Cocktail.

Triple H wins because of Shawn Michaels he hits Undertaker with an Urn.

The cast of Love Wins - 1919 includes: May McAvoy Violet Mersereau Cora Williams

Love is always a game, the one who plays with integrity wins it.

After watching the series Thing 2 wins but he marries somebody else . . .

when he wins love, and sex.

gaara wins in the battle due to braking lees legs ( when naruto is a kid

He has never won against Shawn Michaels. I will be pulling for him. I think he has a pretty good chance. If he wins, he will be 17-0 at WrestleMania.

it shows in the fianl when they go to koko [coco]

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