Who wins the fight?

The winner of a fight is often times the one with more experience and advanced skills through training of high quality, and the one who is smart enough not to get into a situation in the first place.

Some factors that typically contribute to success in unarmed combat include physical strength, speed, timing, endurance, and arm/leg reach. However, with all of the physical advantages over a weaker, slower, less fit, smaller person, the greatest advantage is always knowledge and mastery of scientifically sound skills and tactical strategy.

Experience alone does not automatically equate advanced skills (a person can repeatedly do the wrong thing for many years), and advanced skills do not always translate into success without practical experience. The body should also be fit enough to implement the necessary skills. Therefore, the greatest chance of success comes from a combination, and balance of these three.

Nevertheless, there is always the element of chance, or misfortune where the best trained fighter makes a mistake, is caught off guard, tripped up by environmental conditions, and even the worst fighter can get in a lucky blow that ends the fight. The winner is the one who performs the ideal action at the ideal moment. Advanced training tends to enhance your chances of being that person, but there are no guarantees or absolutes in the real world.