Who won 5 of 6 batting titles 1983-1988?

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Wade Boggs, Boston, AL
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Who won a batting title without hitting a home run?

Willie Keeler won the National League batting title in 1897 at .424 without hitting a home run.. Rod Carew won the American League batting title in 1972 at .318 without hitting a home run.

Who won the batting title 1966?

Matty Alou won the 1966 National League Batting title with a .342 batting average, and Frank Robinson won the American League batting title with a .316 batting Average.

Who won the batting title in 1976?

Bill Madlock won the 1976 National League Batting title with a .339 batting average, and George Brett won the 1976 American League batting title with a .333 batting Average.

Who has won the MLB batting title and mvp in the same season?

Jimmie Foxx 1933 &1938, Joe Medwick 1937, Charlie Gehringer 1937, Ernie Lombardi 1938, Joe Dimaggio 1939, Phil Cavarretta 1945, Stan Musial 1946 & 1948, Jackie Robinson 1949, Willie Mays 1954, Mickey Mantle 1956, Dick Groat 1960, Frank Robinson 1966 Carl Yastrzemski 1967, Joe Torre 1971, Pete Rose 1 ( Full Answer )

Who won the A L batting title in 1983?

Nap Lajoie led the American League in its inaugural season with a .426 battingaverage, one of just 13 seasons of a .400+ average in the 20thcentury. In addition, Lajoie was a part of two separatecontested batting average races in 1902 and 1910. Wade Boggs wonfour consecutive batting titles from 19 ( Full Answer )

Who won the AL batting titles from 1983-1986?

1986. AL . Wade Boggs . BOS 149 G .357/.453/.486. NL . Tim Raines . MON 151 G .334/.413/.476. 1985. AL . Wade Boggs . BOS 161 G .368/.450/.478. NL . Willie McGee . STL 152 G .353/.384/.503. 1984. AL . Don Mattingly . NYY 153 G .343/.381/.537. NL . Tony Gwynn . SDP 158 G .351/.410 ( Full Answer )

Who had won batting title as a Catcher?

Inbaseball history, only three full-time catchers have won battingtitles. In the National League, Cincinnati's Eugene "Bubbles" Hargrave won it in 1926. The Reds' Ernie Lombardi wonit in 1938 and 1942. Mauer is the only American Leaguebackstop to win a batting title, coming out on top in 2006, ( Full Answer )

Who won batting title as a catcher?

The first catcher to ever win the Batting title was Eugene "Bubbles" Hargrave. He hit .353 in the year 1926 while playing for the Cincinnati Reds. The next catcher to ein a batting title was Ernie Lombardie in 1938 and 1942. Then the only other catcher to win a batting title is Joe Mauer. He won in ( Full Answer )

Who won 5 batting titles from 1983-1988?

Wade Boggs of the Boston Red Sox won the A.L. Batting Title in 1983 and then again from 1985 to 1988. Don Mattingly of the Yankees won the batting title in 1984.

Who won the MLB 1928 batting title?

In 1928, Goose Goslin of the Washington Senators won the A.L. Batting Title with a .379 average. The National League winner was Rogers Hornsby of the Boston Braves with a .387 average.

What Pittsburgh pirate won a batting title?

Ten players have won a batting title while on the pirates: Honus Wagner: 8 batting titles(.381. .355, .349, .339, .350, .354, .339, .334) Ginger Beumont: 1 batting title (.357) Paul Waner: 3 batting titles(.362, .680, .373) Arky Vaughn: 1 batting title (.385) Debs Garms: 1 batting title (.355) ( Full Answer )

Who won the batting title in 1948 with a .343 average?

In 1948, the A.L. Batting Champion was Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox, with a .369 average. The N.L. Batting Champion was Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinals with a .376 average. In 1949, George Kell of the Detroit Tigers won the A.L. Batting Title with a .343 average.

Who won the title in 1988 Seoul Olympics?

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With 6 titles who has won most French Open mens singles titles?

Bjorn Borg has won the French Open 6 times (1974-75, 1978-81). This does not include the time period before 1968, when the tournament was referred to as the French Championships. The French Championships were not "Open" to players that were not members of french tennis clubs or french nationals.

Which MLB shortstops won batting titles?

1) Honus Wagner, Pittsburgh Pirates - 1903-1904, 1906-1909, 1911. 2) Arky Vaughan, Pittsburgh Pirates - 1935. 3) Luke Appling, Chicago White Sox - 1936, 1943. 4) Lou Boudreau, Cleveland Indians - 1944. 5) Dick Groat, Pittsburgh Pirates - 1960. 6) Alex Rodriguez, Seattle Mariners - 1996. ( Full Answer )

Who won back to back batting average titles?

American League: Nap Lajoie, Ty Cobb, Al Simmons, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Ferris Fain, Tony Oliva, Rod Carew, Wade Boggs, Nomar Garciaparra, Joe Mauer National League: Paul Hines, Dan Brouthers, Jesse Burkett, Willie Keeler, Honus Wagner, Jake Daubert, Rogers Hornsby, Stan Musial, Tommy Davis, ( Full Answer )

What Tigers won batting titles?

Ty Cobb, who won it 11 times, Harry Heilman four times, Charlie Gehringer, George Kell, Al Kaline, Harvey Kuenn, Norm Cash, and Magglio Ordonez.

Who won 8 batting titles?

I'll presume you mean "eight or more." That would be Ty Cobb (12) and Honus Wagner (8).

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Who won the batting title the MVP and the world series?

Frank Robinson of the 1966 Baltimore Orioles, Dick Groat of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates, Mickey Mantle of the 1956 New York Yankees, Willie Mays of the 1954 New York Giants, Stan Musial of the 1946 St. Louis Cardinals, and Joe DiMaggio of the 1939 New York Yankees.

Who has won a batting title in both leagues?

This is a subject which has been disputed. There are references stating that Ed Delahanty is the only player to win the MLB batting title in both leagues. He won the National League title in 1899 with a .410 average, but the dispute is regarding the 1902 title, where he batted .376 in the America ( Full Answer )

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