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At Ephesus in 498 BCE the Persian army crushed a force of the Ionian cities augmented by contingents from Eretria and Athens.

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Won a swift victory in the Persian gulf war?


Who won Persian war?

the Greeks won the Persian war

Who won the First Persian War?

When was the First Persian War.

Where was the victory that won the war?

what war?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Where were the battles fought in the First Persian War and who won?

When was the 'First' Persian War.

Who won Peloponnesian War and Persian War?

The greeks

What does victory mean?

Victory means when you have won in a activity or war.

What led to the Greek victory in the Persian War?

Establishing control of the sea, which reduced Persian capacity to go on the offensive and supply their armies. A series of sea-land battles was won by the Greeks after they attained this dominance.

Who won the second Persian war?


Who won the Chancellorsville War?

It was a Confederate Victory.

Who won the war between Greek and the Persian empire?


Who won the Persian war and why?

The First Persian War ended with Persia abandoning its punitive expedition against Athens after the Battle of Marathon. The Second Persian War ended with the Persian Navy withdrawing and abandoning the army to its fate, leading to the Greek military victory at Platæa and the Greek naval victory at Mycale practically simultaneously, though many miles apart. Finally, Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire defeating Darius III and claiming all its territory for himself. The reasons are many, varied, and complicated and fill several volumes of histories.

How was the Persian war won?

By the Greek city-states combining to defeat the Persian army and navy.

Northern victory in Civil War?

north won the civil war

Who won in the thermomopylaen war?

It was the Battle of Thermopylae in the Second Persian War. The Greeks won. Shortly after Thermopylae the Athenian Navy defeated the Persian Navy at Salamis, and in the next year the Persian Army was defeated by a combined Greek Army at Plataea.

Who won the Persian War and how did they win?

The Persian War was won by the Greek city-states who ban ded together to see off the Persian attempt to incorporate them within its empire. They won it by progressively establishing naval and land supremacy over the Persian forces over a period of fifty years, so that the Persians gave up.

Who won the arab-israeli war of 1948?

Israel won a decisive victory.

How many wars has the US won?

Military History of the United StatesAmerican War of Independence = US VictoryNorthwest Indian War = US VictoryQuasi War = US VictoryBarbary Wars = US VictoryCreek War = US VictoryWar of 1812 = Stalemate/Status Quo AntebellumPeoria War = US VictorySeminole Wars = IndecisiveBlack Hawk War = US VictoryTexas Revolution = Texan/US VictoryMexican-American War = US VictoryAmerican Civil War = US (Union) VictoryAmerican Indian Wars = US VictorySpanish-American War = US VictoryPhilippine-American War = US VictoryWorld War One = Doesn't count since it had a limited participation, but fought O.K.World War Two = US/Allied Victory (Accredited for solely defeating Japan, and to a smaller extent Germany and Italy)Korean War = StalemateBay of Pigs Invasion = US DefeatVietnam War = US Tactical/Military Victory, US Strategic/Political DefeatCambodian Campaign = US VictoryInvasion of the Dominican Republic = US VictoryInvasion of Grenada = US VictoryInvasion of Panama = US VictoryCold War = US/NATO VictoryFirst Persian Gulf War/Desert Storm = US VictoryWar in Somalia = US VictoryIraq War = US VictoryConclusionThe wars fought throughout the United States' history have been won, with the notable exception of a strategic and political defeat during the Vietnam War. The War on Terror is ongoing with no decisive outcome yet.

What won the Spanish-American War?

It was a US victory.

Who won the soccer war in 1969?

it was El Savador's victory

Who won the war between Japan and china?

it was Japans victory

Who won the war Persian and Greece?

A confederation of Greek city-states.

Why did the Persian War start and who won?

The Greek city-states in Asia Minor revolted against Persian rule, and spread to mainland Greece. The Greeks won.

Who won the battle between the Persians and the Ionians?

The Ionian War 499-493 was won by the Persian Empire.

Who won the plataea war?

Plataia was a battle in the 50 year Persian War. A coalition of Greek city-states defeated a Persian expeditionary force in the battle.

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