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Who won the Battle of Bannockburn?


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September 13, 2011 9:50PM

Robert the Bruce leader of the Scottish defeated Edward II, who escaped but was then murdered by his wife Isabella of France, and her new lover Earl of Mortimer.

How did they kill him? ... Well ... They didn't want anyone to know they had murdered him, so they couldn't strangle him to death, that would leave bruises. They couldn't stab him, that would live a mark obviously.

The only thing they could do was ............

Stick a hot metal poker up his bum and burn his insides out. And that's exactlty what they did.

And, yes, he would've screamed but no-one would hear him because he was locked deep, down, in the dungeons.

What a horrible thing to do, but the thing was, even if someone did find out who and how murdered him ... Then that person probably wouldn't even have cared.

Because most people hated Edward II, he was a very horrible and bad king!!!