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From the American standpoint it was a draw. America went in to stop Korea from becoming communist, since it feared the "domino effect," the idea that if one country fell to communism then the surrounding ones would to, like dominoes. It was a draw because North Korea became communist while South Korea did not.

From a Korean stand point, there is no winner or loser. The Korean War has yet to end. There is no peace treaty, only a cease fire. The DMZ between North and South Korea has stopped fighting, but technically they are still at war.

There was no winner. An armistice occurred, and the country was divided by the 38th parallel into North Korea and South Korea, respectively.

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For short, no one won.

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Q: Who won the Korean War?
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Who won the Korean War and did South Korea become communist?

The US won the Korean War and South Korea is a republic similar to ours. The US did not win the Korean war. See "Who actually won the Korean War?" Better answer. South Korea won the Korean War With the Help of Britain, Autralia and USA Neither side won the Korean War, although at first it seems like North Korea was winning and then the South was. It was a tie because there was a stalemate for two years between the two sides.

The south Korean side appeared to be winning the Korean War until?

theres no until.... South Korea won the war.

What state won the Korean war?

No individual US state participated in the war.

Who was the winner of the Korean War?

North Korea actually, no one won the Korean war. there was a cease fire on June 27, 1953.

Who won the president election in which the Korean war was a key?


Which president won the Korean war?

President D. Eisenhower.

Who won in war Korean or china?

See reponse below.

What was the first war the US air force won?

The Korean War was the first war fought by the USAF.

Who won in war battle Korean or japan?

Korean and japan did not fight each other.They fought with the White supremacy.

What Korean Generals were involved in the Korean War?

won ching. Wu pang. fuo lang. Ding ding.

Could the Vietnam war be considered a draw?

No. The Korean War was a draw, but Vietnam was won by the communists.

Who won in the war battle Korean or china?

Nationalist China did not participate in the Korean War. The US/UN defeated the North Korean Communist attempt to conquer the Republic of South Korea (ROK).

Did you win or loose Korean War?

The US won the battles, restored the border and accepted a cease fire. Officially the Korean War has never been ended.

Who won the second Korean war?

There was only one Korean War 1950-1953. The north was defeated in its attempt to conquer the Republic of South Korea (ROK).

Why did the Chinese feel they had won the Korean war?

Nationalist China did not participate in the Korean (even though they did offer to send forces).

Who actually won the Korean War?

: Who actually won the Korean War?Nobody won the Korean War. The Korean peninsula was divided into a communist north and anti-communist south before the war. It remained like that after the war, so neither side achieved their respective objectives, meaning the war ended in a draw when an armistice was signed on July 27, 1953 saying that all fighting would stop. No peace treaty has been signed. In a way, The United States, UN Forces, and South Korea are still at war with Communist North Korea.

What role did Mao Zedong play in the Korean War?

He won it for North Korea.

What were facts about the Korean War?

There was no peace treaty and North Korea claims to have won it.

Which side won in the Korean war?

Neither side won. The war ended with a ceasefire, with Korea divided in almost exactly the same place as it had been before the war.

Why didn't one of the nations win the Korean war?

The war was won. The Communists were stopped at the 38th Parallel.

What was the outcome of the Vietnam war compared to the Korean war?

The Reds won the former, and didn't succeed with the latter.

When did Americans leave America to go to Korea to start the Korean war?

because they won the war ........ lol

When did Korean won end?

Korean won ended in 1910.

In the Korean War did South or North Korea win?

In the Korean War. The DPRK won defeating the American imperialists and south Korean traitors. But it is no over yet South Korea must be liberated from imperialist control.

What impact has the Vietnam and Korean left on the US?

The communists were STOPPED during the Korean War. The communists won during the Vietnam War. The impact on the US, is that that was part of the Cold War; and the Cold War ended in 1990.