American Football History
Golden Globe Awards
A.R. Rahman

Who won the NFL Golden Toe Award in 2000?

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Morten Anderson of New Orleans.

Norm Johnson of the Atlanta Falcons

1972 Don Cockroft K Cleveland

1974 Roy Gerela K Pittsburgh

1980 Fred Steinfort K Denver

1981 Rafael Septien K Dallas

1988 Scott Norwood K Buffalo

1992 Rich Camarillo P Phoenix

1994 Fuad Reveiz K Minnesota

1995 Morten Andersen K Atlanta

1996 Cary Blanchard K Indianapolis

1999 Craig Hentrich P Tennessee

1998 Gary Anderson K Minnesota

2001 Todd Sauerbrun P Carolina

1990 Nick Lowery K Kansas City

1991 Jeff Gossett P LA Raiders

1997 Pete Stoyanovich K Kansas City

1983 Ali Haji-sheikh K NY Giants

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