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U.S.A. won especially with all the countries gained in the war.

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What would have happened if the Spanish won the Spanish American War?

If the Spanish won the Spanish American war, Cubans would not be independent and they would still be part of Spain.

Who won the Spanish and American war?


Who won the Spanish-American War?

The Americans won this battle.

Why was the war in the Philippines less popular with the American people than the spanish-American war had been?

The Spanish-American war was won easily and was inexpensive.

How was the Spanish American War won?

By destroying their Navy.

Who fought and won the Spanish American War?

The US.

Who won the war in spanish -american war?

american of course won, but later the navajo was falling apart so spanish came back to take the land

What won the Spanish-American War?

It was a US victory.

The US won the Spanish American War in what year?

In 1898.

Who won their independence from Spain after the Spanish American War?


Was Cuba independent after the Spanish-American war?

Yes, Cuba was independent because the U.S. won the Spanish-American War. Before the war started the U.S. wanted Cuba to be independent, so when they won the war,they let them go.

How did America get Puerto Rico?

America won the Spanish-American war.

Who was instrumental in acquiring Guam?

Us. We won it in the Spanish American war.

Who won the war in the Spanish American War?

The US was the winner, thus gaining its empire from Spain.

How did the US gain control of 4 former Spanish territories?

Spanish Florida was purchased from Spain. California and the American Southwest was won from Mexico in the Mexican American War. Spanish Texas gained its Independence from Mexico and was then annexed by the US. Guam and Puerto Rico were won from Spain in the Spanish American War.

What US President won the Spanish-American War?

McKinley was in office.

Did the US obtain victory in the Spanish American War?

Yes, the US won that splendid little war.

When did PR become a territory of the US?

1898 as war booty after the US won spanish american war

Who won the Spanish American War the Philippino or the Spanish?

Span Losses the war and US occupied all the Spanish Colonies including the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico.

What did America get when they won the Spanish-American War?

They got the Philippine American War, Guam, Puerto Rico and a Cuban Naval Base.

Who won the Spanish and American war and what were the accomplishments?

America won and we got california new mexico arizona and some others to

What is a synonym for the spanish American war?

A synonym for the spanish-american war is the american-spanish war. MAKE SURE TO ADD THE heifen or -...

What Colony was involved with the Spanish American War?

Puerto Rico was a Spanish American War battlefield. Cuba was a Spanish American War battlefield. Guam was a bloodless Spanish American War battlefield. The Philippines was a Spanish American War battlefield that became a long and bloody Philippine American War battlefield.

How can you use the word Spanish-American war in a sentence?

I'm glad I finished that chapter on the Spanish-American War before the test.

Land US won in Spanish American War?

Puerto Rico, Cuba, Guam and the Philippines

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