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the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

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North communist Vietnam won the war

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Q: Who won the Vietnam war between US and Vietnam?
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Who won the war between Vietnam and the US?

Most people say Vietnam won because after many years of fighting the united states pulled out of war. So the answer would be the Vietnam won the war. It was actually a war between the communist North Vietnamese and the democratic South Vietnamese. The US decided to fight for the South Vietnamese but eventually pulled out of the war and South Vietnam was overrun.

Who won in the US and the Vietnam war?

The US doesn't like it, but Vietnam was the first war they lost.

How did the Vietnam war end for the US?

The US redeployed; North Vietnam won the war (decisively).

Who won the veiatnam war the US or Vietnam?

The Vietnamese won the war.

Which country won the war between Vietnam and the US?

The NORTH VIETNAMESE Communists won the war, when they took over the non-communist country of South Vietnam in April 1975.

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

Between the wars of Iraq and Vietnam?

The US is not at war with Iraq. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was between the Vietnam and the who?

Technically between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Actually between the US and North Vietnam.

Who won the undeclared war of Vietnam?

The North won and the South lost in both undeclared wars; US Civil War & Vietnam.

What happened to Vietnam after the us withdrew from the war?

The North won the war.

How was the politics of Vietnam after the war?

Communists won in VN; Doves won in US.

When and why did the US join the Vietnam War?

The US joined the Vietnam War in 1960 or 1955because there was a civil war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and the US was good friends with South Vietnam's goverment, so they helped out.

Why is the Vietnam war considered a failure for the US?

Because the communists won the war.

What happened when the us pulled out of Vietnam?

The NVA successfully invaded South Vietnam and won the war.

What are some connections between the Vietnam and Iraq wars?

None. The US is not at war with Iraq. In Vietnam, the US was at war with North Vietnam.

Why did japan leave Vietnam?

Japan left Vietnam because the US won the Vietnam War. The US effectively kicked them out of the area. This was preventing China from invading Vietnam as well.

What are differences between American revolution and the Vietnam war?

Which Vietnam War? France or US (1954 or afterwards?).

What was the opinion of the US President concerning the Vietnam War?

That the war could, should and would be won.

What war was the US involved in between 1960 and 1964?

The Vietnam War.

Who started the war between Vietnam and US?


What impact has the Vietnam and Korean left on the US?

The communists were STOPPED during the Korean War. The communists won during the Vietnam War. The impact on the US, is that that was part of the Cold War; and the Cold War ended in 1990.

How did the Vietnam war effect the relationship between the US and Vietnam?

There is a good relationship today; US tourists go to Vietnam, and Vietnam markets it's trade goods to the US.

What war did US win?

The United States won every war we have been involved in except the Vietnam War.

Who won war us or vitietnam?

The nation (country) of Vietnam didn't exist during the Vietnam War. Nor was any nation called "Vietnam" fighting the US. There was a country called North Vietnam that defeated the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. The US was allied to the RVN (Republic of South Vietnam).

When was the last war won by the US?

The last official War won by the U.S. was World War II. The Vietnam War and other wars after WWII were not officially declared "wars" they were classified as "Police Action". If you choose to count those as a war it would be the Vietnam War.