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Randy Orton

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โˆ™ 2010-10-26 07:54:41
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Q: Who won the WWE championship out of Randy Orton and wade barrett at bragging rights?
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Who won between wade barrett and Randy Orton at bragging rights 2010?

Wade Barrett by Disqualification

How did cena win the championship?

By beating Randy Orton for it at Bragging Rights

Who was the winner in Randy Orton vs Wade Barratt at Bragging Rights 2010?

Wade Barrett by DQ

Who did Randy Orton face after Bragging Rights?

Randy Orton faced Mark Henry after WWE : Bragging Rights.

Who will win at bragging rights Wade Barret or Randy Orton?

the viper randy orton

Who won when they faced Randy Orton after Bragging Rights 2010?

John Cena

Do you think cena will beat orton at bragging rights?

Cena will beat him at bragging rights because if he don't do that he'll leave Raw. He don't want leave this Brand.

Jona cena win WWE title again in 2009?

He already has but he might have lost it to randy orton at bragging rights

Who won between john cena and randy orton at bragging rights?

John Cena defeated Randy Orton in the one hour anything goes Iron man match.

Has John Cena ever beaten Randy Orton?

Yes. For example in 2009 Hell in a Cell Orton beat Cena for the title. But at Bragging Rights in an Iron Man Match, Cena took the title from Orton.

When is john cena going to leave the nexus?

He may leave Nexus at Survivor Series (2010). If Barrett wins the championship, Cena will be free of The Nexus, but if Barrett doesn't win the championship, Cena is fired from the WWE. It will be Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship, John Cena will be the Special Guest referee.

Did john cena win the WWE chapmionship?

Yes, at Bragging Rights 2009 John Cena beat Randy Orton in a 60 minute Iron Man Match for the WWE championship belt. Yer that was the most frightening matches in wwe history

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