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Who wore 88 for the vikings?

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Defensive Tackle Alan Page

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Who wore number 83 for the vikings?

Jeff Dugan wore number 83 for the vikings

What did vikings where?

Vikings wore spiked helms.

Who wore the number 88 in the NFL?

Michael Irvin wore the number 88

Who wore the number 88 in sports?

Lynn Swann wore #88 for the steelers.

Which player wore number 88 for the Oakland Raiders?

Oakland Raider James Adkisson wore#88 Doug Jolley also wore #88

Who wore the vikings clothes?


Who wore 56 on the Minnesota Vikings?

As of 2010 E.J. Henderson is number 56 for the Minnesota Vikings.

What did vikings sell?

Vikings sold used underwear that there grandma wore for two weeks strait.

Who wore 49 for MN Vikings?

Ed Marinaro

What did lady vikings wear?

They wore fur skins.

What type of hat did the vikings wear?

They wore a Viking hat.

How did vikings dress?

The vikings wore trousers and a long tunic with a cloak. The outfit would be held together by a brooch.

Who wore number 88 for the Oakland Raiders?


Why did the vikings where cool hats with horns on them?

vikings wore them to show their toughness and they were used to intimidate people, because they looked scary.

What clothes did the vikings wear?

they wore a little dress called a tunic

Which football players wore the number 70?

Jim Marshall (Vikings)

Who wore the number 88 on the Chicago Bears?

desmond clark

Who wore the number 88 for Chicago Bears?

Evan Rodriguez

Who wore number 88 for the eagles?

keith jackson spags

Who wore 4 for the Minnesota Vikings?

Now, Brett Favre wears #4 for them.

What fabric did peasant vikings wear?

They wore clothes made of wool and linen.

What jewlery did the vikings wear?

They wore rings,bracelets,necklaces,Amulets, and broches

Did the vikings wear armor?

No they only wore tunics,sandles and jeansr under.

Who wears 88 for the Indianapolis Colts?

Wide receiver Marvin Harrison wore the #88 and it has since not been replaced

What number uniform did the Vikings retire for NFL great Alan Page?