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There were a few people that worked in the war industries during World War One. This group was called the government agency.


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False. Stalin came to power in 1928. Work War 1 ended in 1918.

the prez during ww1 was william and ww2 was roosevelt

It was because of the air raids on England during WW1.

The Gallipoli Campaign was a part of World War I.

all the men had to go to war, so the women had to take the jobs of the men. so they actually got work and decent jobs. this was their biggest role during ww1

The Great War, because it was the biggest war the world had ever seen.

There were no Fascist leaders in WW1. Fascism came about after WW1. Italy was governed by King Vittorio Emanueleduring WW1

The Battle of Britain occured during World War II not World War I.

It was during WW1 that airplanes and tanks were introduce in warfare.

what were donkeys used for during ww1

during the start of the ww1.

WW1.... You answered that for yourself.

Not right now, but there has been (especially during WW1 and WW2)

the Germans did not invade Paris during ww1

the emperor of autria during WW1 was Franz Joseph

Well the General during the WW1 was John Joseph Pershing...(:

The population of Canada during WW1 was 8 million.

Neutral Belgium was invaded during the first days of the war.

because the world war 1 (ww1) was to violent to have any fun activities From: Destinie Bennett

War is hell for everybody but the horses that were used during the war were treated well.

the new weapons of the war were stuff like cannons, rifles and shell

During WW1 many women had to help in factories and looked after children

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