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The first question is: where is the pool? Who owns the property where the pool is located?

If the subdivision is made up of individual owners, then the owner on whose property the pool exists is responsible for its maintenance.

As well, it could be a public pool maintained by the local parks department.

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Q: Who would be responsible for maintenance for a pool in a subdivision in which there is no home owners association?
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What are common areas in a subdivision?

Given that your subdivision is a home owners association, read your governing documents -- the land-use documents, usually CC&Rs -- to determine what elements of your subdivision are designated as common areas. Examples can be roadways, greenbelts, golf courses, swimming pools, club houses, tennis courts, walking trails, detention and retention ponds, and so forth. Generally, if there is no home owners association, then there are no common areas.

Who is responsible for the outside of your condominium?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the outside of the condominium. Typically, the 'outside' is owned by the association, and of which you share ownership with all other owners. Ownership determines maintenance.

Who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of limited common property in a condominium complex?

Read your governing documents to determine the answer.Often, limited common areas -- such as enclosed, attached garages in a townhouse -- are intended for the exclusive use of some but not all owners. This means that owners and boards must come to some agreement about upkeep.Without this dialog, the association probably pays for maintenance and upkeep, which an owner may make unnecessary. An owner may be responsible for keeping the area in a 'neat, tidy and clean' condition -- there is no standard for this language.Major maintenance however, may be the exclusive responsibility of the association.

Is revenue a subdivision of owners equity?


Does a subdivision without common areas need liability insurance and why?

I don't see any need for liability insurance in the case you described. In cases where you have a homeowners association or a condo owners association and they own common property such as a swimming pool, parks, roofs, sidewalks, etc. then they would have a need for both property and liability insurnance to cover these areas. This is what you dues are in place to pay for as well as maintenance.

If the subdivision is not complete do you have to pay home owners association dues on property bought before completion?

Read your public offering statement and governing documents to determine when owners begin paying association assessments. As well, understand the developer's responsibilities to pay assessments -- once they become due -- on undeveloped and unsold properties.

What part of condo is HOA responsibility to maintain?

The association is responsible for the safety, security, upkeep, preservation and maintenance of all real estate assets owned in common by all owners. Your governing documents define by boundary definition what is owned individually and what is owned in common.

When was Norwegian Forest Owners Association created?

Norwegian Forest Owners Association was created in 1913.

When was National Association of Theatre Owners created?

National Association of Theatre Owners was created in 1965.

In yavapai county Arizona who is responsible for maintaining a private road?

In Yavapai County, Arizona, the maintenance of private roads is the responsibility of the property owners. Yavapai County is responsible for county roads.

Is there a statutory provisions that defines the responsibility for property owners for maintenance and repair of a private road?

Read your governing documents to determine your responsibility for the maintenance and repair of private roads within your community.For example:It is possible that since all owners in the association own the roads, which are private and are only for use by owners in the community, your association assessments pay for maintenance and upkeep of the roads.Or, as an owner, you may have responsibilities for maintaining roads that only service your property.The statutory provision is contained in your governing documents, or the state law for associations of the type that governs your community.

Can wage garnishment be applied for delinquent maintenance payment for condominium owners?

Read your governing documents to determine the steps the board takes in order to recover the debt from an owner who does not pay association assessments. Your association attorney can best advise you.

What are bylaws for an association?

An association, like a corporation, may adopt rules that govern the conduct of the organization and its members and those rules are often called bylaws. In real estate law, homeowners are often required to adopt specific bylaw as a condition prior to acceptance by the town of a subdivision plan or changes to an existing plan. For example:All owners of record of any approved lot in the Subdivision shall be Members of the Association, whether or not any improvements have been made on such lot.Each lot shall have voting privileges in proportion to the assessed value of the lot as a percentage of the assessed value of the entire subdivision, adjusted for any improvements made since the most recent assessments as follows...The road, drainage, water supply and street lights serving the subdivision are privately owned and maintained by the Association and the Members shall forever pay for the necessary and reasonable costs for such maintenance, which costs shall be approved by the Association and assessed annually to each lot owner in the following proportions...No Member may file any application to further subdivide any lot, or for any zoning or building variance, or to change the use of any lot to any non-residential use without unanimous written consent of the other Members of the Association.Any deeded parking within the subdivision must be offered to every other member and to the Association prior to selling it to a non-member....

Can a home owners' association prohibit jogging on streets?

They can if the streets are owned by the home owners' association rather than by a municipality.

What are the advantages of owning a condominium versus a house?

Because the maintenance, preservation and protection of the real estate assets owned in common by every unit owner, owned in common with all other unit owners is the responsibility of the association, you are only responsible for the upkeep of your unit's interior. Your assessments pay for association maintenance, preservation and protection. This means that you are not individually responsible for the upkeep of amenities that you may enjoy. You can travel for extended periods with assurance that the association is watching over your property's exterior. You can enjoy the benefits of high-density housing, in terms of public police, fire protection, transit, utilities and so forth. Depending on your life-style, there may be other advantages.

How do condo corporations collect money from owners in Calgary Alberta?

Owners are responsible for assessments and owe these debts to the association/ corporation. If unpaid, the association can bill the owner, file a lien against the owner's title or take other collection action. Association counsel is best involved in this action, since an inappropriate or poorly filed lien can be used by the debtor to escape payment. Otherwise, associations cannot 'collect' money' from owners.

What are poa dues on vacant land?

PROPERTY OWNERS ASSOCIATION is usually the governing body in any housing development. It charges property owners for the maintenance on your property as well as common property shared by all, pools - picnic area's - playgrounds, etc.

Can a condo maintenance company be fired by the owners?

Usually vendors are contracted with condominium communities by the board of directors or by the property management company. Owners can document complaints and take them to the board, but it's up to the board to disconnect from a vendor under contract to the association.

How do you clean balcony above other condo?

Your answer depends on who owns the balconies. Read your governing documents to determine who owns the balcony that requires cleaning. If they are limited common area -- owned by the association for the use of some, but not all owners -- then the association is responsible for cleaning them. If it is individually owned, then the owner is responsible for cleaning it.

What is the meaning of poa annua?

Property Owners' Association (similar to Homeowners' Association)

What is the difference between a Condominium Homeowners Association and a Townhouse or Plan Unit Development Homeowners Association?

A condo or townhouse Homeowners' Association (HOA) governs a group of condos, wherein the association is responsible for the maintenance of the outside of the building(s), landscaping, and utilities, in addition to maintaining common areas and enforcement of the CC&Rs. This is because the properties being governed are condos and not houses. A planned unit development (PUD) HOA is responsible for ensuring compliance with the CC&Rs of the PUD and upkeep of any common areas in the PUD. However, individual owners maintain their homes and land, as each lot in the PUD is individually owned.

Maintenance schedule for 2006 Chevy Impala?

your owners manual will have all the recommended maintenance schedule in it.

Can a neighborhood fire their HOA?

If the 'neighborhood' is composed of owners in the association, then owners can vote to remove a set of directors. Your governing documents document this process. The association, however, requires leadership, so the owners will be required to elect a new set of directors to lead the business of the association.

What is included in association fees for homes?

Your association 'earns' its income to pay its bills from owners' assessments. Every association is different from every other association, in terms of the bills it pays for services. Typically, assessments cover master insurance policy premiums, common area utilities, association management expenses, professional fees, asset maintenance, preservation and security, and depending on your community's amenities, more. Your association manager or your treasurer can show you what your assessments cover.

How does a NASCAR drivers motorhome get to the track?

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