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Q: Who would have won in a fight between Muhammad Ali and Rocky Balboa?
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Was rocky v storyline of Tommy gunn fighting his mentor rocky balboa based on Muhammad ali versus Larry Holmes fight?


Does rocky Balboa fight still?


Where did Rocky balboa fight Creed in the movie Rocky?


Is the fight of rocky Balboa true?

Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. He never existed in the real world.

Who would win in a fight between rocky balboa and Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee.

Who did rocky Balboa fight in the last rocky?

In the last rocky balboa film he fought the middleweight undefeated champion Floyed Mayweather.

Is Rocky Balboa in Fight Night Round 4?


Who would win in a fight Rocky Balboa or Jackie Chan?

i think rocky would win

What fight or fighter inspired Sylvester Stallone to write the screen play for rocky?

The fight was based upon the fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner .The character of Rocky was based upon the fighter Rocky Marciano .

Was there a real boxer by the name of Rocky Balboa?

According to WikiPedia Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. According to a statement by Sylvester Stallone Rocky was born as a result of Stallone having seen the Ali-Wepner fight. See the Wikipedia article on Rocky Balboa.

Is rocky balboa a heavyweight boxing champion?

In the movies, yes. Sylvester Stallone played him in the Rocky movies. He wrote the first screenplay after watching the Muhammad Ali-Chuck Wepner fight in 1975. Wepner was not a heavyweight champ.

Who would win in a fight Dwayne the rock Johnson or rocky balboa?

Rocky isn't real u berk

Did Rocky Balboa win in Rocky 6?

No- Rocky lost and did not even care as he was just glad that he even got the chance to fight just one last time.

Did Rocky Balboa use frozen steak to cover his face after a fight?

yes at the beginning of V i think

Is rocky balboa based on george forman?

NO, It's based on a Canadian heavyweight called Chuck Wepner, who fought Muhammad Ali in 1975 for the world title and put up a great fight despite being outclassed.

Who won the fight in movie rocky balboa?

they both did on the DVD but just in the theater it was the other dude . on the DVD you could watch an alternate ending where rocky won. it was lame but cool

How many years is the movie 'Rocky Balboa' supposed to be set after 'Rocky V'?

Actually, it's not 20 years after rocky 5 (as the previous answer stated). On the blurb of the rocky balboa dvd it says "Thirty years after the clang of the first bell" The first bell, presumably being the bell that rang at Rocky's first fight with Apollo. Which would mean that it was set in 2006. Rocky 5 was brought out in 1990, meaning that Rocky Balboa was set 16 years after Rocky 5.

In a boxing match who would win in a fight the Rock or Rocky Balboa?

Rocky Balboa, because The Rock is not a boxer, but a wrestler. There is a skill to both sports, and if you are going against someone who has been trained, you are not going to fair well if you have not.

In Rocky Balboa what was Mason 'The Line' Dixon's entrance music?

It's A Fight by Three Six Mafia

Who did rocky Balboa tie to?

i believe it was either a very bad movie error or they counted the bout with hulk hogan as a fight

Was Rocky Balboa based on a true story?

rocky films are considered based off the story of rocky marciano, but that is not true. rocky is actually historical fiction, because in rocky IV he goes to russia to fight Ivan drago during the cold war. rocky is not off rocky marciano because in rocky V rocky has a flash back about mickey his trainer, and mickey in the flash back gives him a neckless . mickey received this neckless from rocky marciano, at the same time that rocky balboa was a fighter in the movie.

A simile describing someones face?

She has a face like an angel. His face looked like Rocky Balboa after the worst fight in his career.

What is the most brutal fight in the rocky movies?

the most brutal fight in the rocky movies either is the fight between rocky and apollo in rocky 2 or the fight in rocky 4 when apollo fights russian boxer ivan drago that fight is extremly violent which ends up as apollos death in the fight and is a very bloody fight look thne fights up on youtube

Who did rocky Balboa fight in his movies?

Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) , Clubber Lang (Mr. T ) , Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) ,

Who did Sylvester Stallone fight in the rocky movies?

Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) - Rocky, Rocky II Clubber Lang (Mr. T) - Rocky III Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) - Rocky IV Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison) - Rocky V Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver) - Rocky Balboa