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Turn it in to your homeowners insurance and have them work out the details. Most likely they'll go after the friends insurance, but that's their job. Let them figure it out. It's your house, so your insurance should pay for damage caused by an unforeseeable accident. If someone caused the fire, or permitted it to spread to your house through negligence or reckless conduct, then the insurance company can attempt to sue that person for reimbursement.

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What insurance issues do you have when you back out of a driveway and hit a car parked directly behind the driveway there were no tickets?

Just like any other accident,, You are responsible for the damage you caused. Either file a report with your insurer so they can cover the damage you caused, or pay them yourself for the Damage. It's your choice. The law requires you be Financially Responsible.

Your friends basketball goal fell on your car when it was parked in her driveway which policy covers the damage?

Auto insurance

Can lawn fertilizer damage concrete driveway?


Who is responsible for adjoining driveway drain damage?

Your answer depends on who owns the driveway, and who damaged the drain. Best practices dictate that you file a police report and contact your insurance carrier, who can sort out who pays for the repair of the damage.

Will homeowners policy cover replacement of driveway culvert?

It all depends on whether or no the driveway culvert is covered by a covered peril listed in your policy and that there is not an exclusion which would then exclude coverage. For example if your policy has the peril of "vehicle collision" in it, and a vehicle collided with the driveway culvert and caused the damage, it would be covered as long as there is not an exclusion saying it would not be covered for some reason. Also, you would have to own the driveway culvert and not the city, as your policy only property you own.

What damage did the valdivia earthquake cause?

The valdivia earthquake caused a lot of damage. But I am not sure what kind of damage it caused.

What was the damage caused of Mount Etna?

It caused a lot of damage like destroying buildings

What insurance will cover you for damage to your expensive block driveway for the sudden and accidental spillage of a large amount of oil on your new driveway?

homeowners insurance or renters insurance

What is uv damage?

It is damage caused by the sun.

What causes most the damage associated with tornadoes?

The damage is caused by the powerful winds of the tornado. The rest of the damage is caused by debris.

Can A Vehicle Be Damaged If Another Car Backs Into It in the driveway And It Moves About 2 Feet While In Park But There Are Skid Marks And What Kind Of Damage Would There Be To The Trans?

Any object colliding with any other object can cause damage. What damage is caused depends on circumstances.We were not there and cannot assess the situation.Ask a mechanic (or your insurance adjuster)

Hurricanes have caused widespread damage in which state Texas or Iowa?

they have caused a widespread damage in Texas

When has a tsunami caused the most damage in US History?

A tsunami caused most damage in 2004

The removal and replacement of a retaining wall was a covered loss due damage from a hurricane. While removing and repairing my driveway was damaged. Is that damaged a covered loss?

Yes but it would be a separate loss and therefore a separate deductible would apply - damage caused by vehicles is covered.

What is a brain damage caused by damage to blood vessels?


Will a car start with battery polarity reversed?

No, and it may have caused major damage to the elctrical system.No, and it may have caused major damage to the elctrical system.

Name two types of damage that can be caused by an earthquake?

Structural damage and terrain damage.

Is frost damage to your driveway covered by insurance?

That depends on your homeowner's policy. You would have to talk to your insurance agent.

If you are driving your roommates car and damage it in your driveway whose insurance covers it?

Insurance follows the car. Your roommates insurance will cover the damage providing that he has "collision" coverage.

How are wind speed and damage the same?

They aren't. Wind speed is the speed at which air moves. Damage is physical harm caused to objects. Strong wind can caused damage, with damage generally being more severe with faster winds. Most damage, however is not caused by wind. Damage can result from a number of natrual and human causes.

What caused environmental damage in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan has had some environmental damage because irrigation has caused the Aral Sea to shrink.

What precautionary measures are taken there to minimize the damage caused by the tsunami?

what precautionary measures are taken to minimize the damage caused by the tsunami

Damage caused by weight training?

Be more specific. Damage to your body? Damage to your home? To the environment? What kind of "damage"?

Does car insurance cover damage to car caused by garage door?

personally, i would say a tree limb fell onto it while it was sitting in the driveway. but if you have full coverage through a good insurance company, such as geico or allstate, it should.

Damage caused by ESD is a permanent damage?

To an electronic device, yes.