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I know that the actor is not officially announced yet, but here are my choices for who play The Flash. Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down) Drake Bell (Superhero Movie) Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth) Mitchell Musso (Hannah Montana) Lucas Grabeel (Beverly Hills Ninja 2) Eric Lloyd (The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3)

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How do you play movie star planet without Adobe Flash player?

how do i play moviestarplanet without flash player

Can PS3 play movie from flash drive?


How do you play movie star planet without having adobe flash player?

how do i play movie star planet without using an adobe flash player

How do you play movie star planet with no flash player on a PS vita?

there is no posibble way

Where can one play the Flash Helicopter game online?

You can play the Flash Helicopter game at online flash game websites. Examples would be Addicting Games, GameMew, Arcadebomb, MoFunZone or OfficeGameSpot.

Is there going to be a movie of kid flash or the flash soon?

I would asume so, the superhero, comic book hero's movie genre seems to be the big thing this year so a Flash or Kid Flash Movie may be eminent. I doubt one would come out this year but maybe next year or the year after. Hope this answered your question.

Flash player stop and play?

flash player stop and play in buffering flash player stop and play in buffering

How do you play a movie that was downloaded from itunes on your tv?

burn the movie to a DVD and play it in your DVD player. alternativly, nuy a DVD player with usb port and copy the movie to a flash drive and plug it in

Can flv player play flash games?

No, flv player can just play flash video files, not flash games. You could use Adobe Flash Player to play flash games.

Who would win in a race might guy rock lee flash dash incredible sonic or zoom from the movie zoom?

flash -.-

Why do you need flash to play Movie Star Planet in this computer?

maybe you have wrong spelling or the game is bad

How do you get lugia as a starter Pokemon on leafgreen version?

You would have to but a flash card for the GBA and then put a hacked rom on the flash card to play.

How do you play movie star planet with out adobe flash player?

Try to look this up on google it is not yet discovered by me. :(

How do you make a flash movie online?

Go To A Free Online Flash Movie Maker

Who would love to play She Hulk in a movie?

i would

Super Smash Flash?

Its a flash game you can play on the computer.

Can a wii play a movie from a usb flash drive?

The Wii has no built-in functionality to do so. It is possible using homebrew software.

How do you download a movie to a flash drive?

Downloading the movie to a flash drive is similar to downloading a movie to oneâ??s computer. Simply insert the flash drive into your PC or laptop and it will be recognized as an available drive. Afterward choose the location of the flash drive as the place where the movie should be saved.

Can iPhone play flash from the web?

no sorry its one of the iphones major faults it doesnt play flash

How do you play as master hand in Super Smash Flash?

you can play as master hand in super smash flash.

Will there be a Flash movie?


What are the benefits of a flash movie?

There are a lot of benefits of a flash movie. However, some of the best benefits of a flash movie are Stunning Visual Experience, Cross-Browser Compatible, Interactive Design, Full Control.

Can the iPad play flash games?

The iPad cannot play standalone Flash games, nor does Safari, the browser supplied by Apple include a Flash plugin.

Can Flash movies can be created using Adobe Photoshop?

No. Photoshop is for image creation and editing. While it used to be that you would have to use Macromedia Flash to create a Flash movie, the Flash plug-in is now a standard that other software manufactures can program to. Some programs that create Flash movies:

Play WWE game?

You can play a RAW Flash Game on This address: hope it helps