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Sora because he is the weilder of the Keyblade and has a form that is just as strong than Super sayan form 2 and 3.No naruto would win because he can go 8 tails and Sora can only get 4 tails and sage mode would also kill Sora.Sora is no match for Naruto

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Q: Who would win Sora or naruto?
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If there was a battle Naruto VS Sora who would win?

Definately Naruto. Why? Naruto has the Ninetailed Fox sealed inside of him. That makes him a Jinchuriki. Sora has a small part of the chakra of the Ninetailed Fox, which makes him a Pseudo-Jinchuriki. Naruto is able to control the Ninetails' chakra, but not Sora. Sora could kill himself if he went 4-tails (cuz that's how many tails he can go to, no more--ultimate jinchuriki form for Sora). A battle Naruto VS Sora would have Naruto as a winner, because Sora would end up hurting himself, when Naruto would have slight control of himself.

Who would win in a fight Sora or pein from naruto?

Im pretty sure this is a joke, but in case it isn't, Pain would win

Is Naruto stronger than Sora?

Yes. Naruto is the jinchuriki of the Nine Tails and is able to control its chakra. Sora, however, is a semi jinchuriki as he only has the "leftovers" of the fox within him. He is not able to control it's chakra, and if Naruto and Sora were to get in an all out fight, Naruto would undoubtedly win.

Can Naruto beat Sora?

Yes, Naruto does beat Sora XD

Who would win in a fight Sonic or Sora?

Sonic would win the fight, but sora would put in one hell of a fight.

Is Sora from Naruto a boy or a girl?

sora is a boy

What Naruto Shippuden episode does Sora come in?

Sora comes in episode 57 of Naruto Shippuden.

Who would win Sora or haru?

sora due to his connection with heartless and the seven princesses

Do Naruto and Sora ever fight?

Yes, Naruto and Sora do fight. They fight at least two times.

I Think Sora is Stronger because When naruto Fights It Takes Naruto a long Time To fight a ninja and That's why Sora is better?

sora is not battle. the only thing is that naruto don't wanted to hurts him

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Who is Sora Uchiha?

there's no person in naruto called Sora Uchiha.

Who is the voice actor for Sora in Naruto?

The voice actor of Sora in Naruto is Daisuke Hirakawa. And Keiko Nemoto voices him when he is a kid.

How does Naruto stop sora for being the kyubi?

Naruto tries to stop sora but sora goes 3 tailed and when naruto gets a hold of him sora turns naruto into the kyuubi then sora goes 4 tails and naruto in 1 tailed he fights back by taking a metal claw and he tells the fox to go screw himself and he stabbs his leg which makes the demon foxes cloak vanish before he starts losing his skin in 4 tails and sora has a flashback one naruto wakes him up just like he did gaara and sora turns back into his form.

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Who would win ichigo or Naruto?

Naruto. would beat him with rasen shuriken

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naruto hands down

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naruto all the way