Who would win a Nuclear Battle the US or Russia?

No one side would any nuclear battle.
Since nuclear fallout is carried on the wind and within water, the entire world would lose.


It's unlikely but if it did happen it would be very
Here are the points why that Russia would could beat America in a Nuclear Battle/War
  • USA stores most of it's nuclear waste on YuccaMountain, If the Russians hit that with a Nuclear Weapon, America would be covered in Radioactive gas
  • Russia more Nuclear Weapons and more advanced ones than America.
  • Russia could destroy America's supply lines (NOTE:80% of US Medicine is transported a broad via AirCraft of Ship.
  • Russia has large land area (nearly twice as America, so difficult to wipe out who country)
  • America is a more congestive country, so easy targets e.g. NY and Texas etc..

However here is the more positive side why America could win a Nuclear Battle
  • Got more advanced Aircrafts with greater bomb capacity, also bigger numbers
  • US has got more Oil Supplies than Russia
  • US have large numbers of Naval Ships and Nuclear Submarines (easily go under radar and attack Russia's major ports.
  • Russia is in boarder with several major countries, so Russia could drag other countries like UK, Germany Japan and China into the "battle" then led into a Nuclear War.

However, neither could win due to if a Nuclear Battle/War did Happen, the amount of radiation would practically end live.

However, like I said before, It's very unlikely that it would happen due to both countries agree to reduce the numbers of Nuclear Weapons and agree to be friendly/neutral with each other. Theres like 1:100 thousand chance of a Nuclear War happening unless one or both countries has a government like Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin.