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Tigers don't like animals that are able to fight against them. They would rather have one that runs away from it, and be in a location where they can leap on the back of the animal and deliver a killing bite to the neck. In an all-out fight though, a moose as a better chance of winning because of it's weapons (large antlers [bulls only during rutting period] and/or sharp hooves) that it is able to use against that tiger. Though tigers are quite fierce themselves, and are better equipped to defend and kill their prey. So it is likely, though after sustaining some serious lacerations, the Siberian Tiger may win.

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A Siberian tiger, if it is able to strike at the right spot (a leap on the back with a bite to the back of the neck), can easily kill and make a meal out of a moose.

In a full-on fight though, a Siberian tiger would have to be very careful of those front hooves. A moose can cause a lot of damage when they're using those sharp hooves with its hind end protected by a rocky crevice or bush, and it can be serious enough to make a tiger think twice about getting a meal and consider trying to get out of harm's way. A tiger wouldn't even mess with a bull moose on the rut!

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Q: Who would win a fight a Siberian tiger or moose?
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Who would win a fight a bull moose or a tiger?

It really could all depend on what kind of tiger, but I would initially say tiger. A tiger and a bull moose are both really awesome and strong but ultimately- Tiger.Answer 2:They are very capable of killing each other. It really depends on the type of the tiger and the size of the bull moose. A Siberian tiger could kill a moose because it is so large and strong enough to break a moose's neck. However, if the bull moose knocked the tiger with its antlers and sliced it open with its hooves, it might have a chance to win the fight.

Who would win in a fight tiger or wolverine?

A siberian tiger would destroy a single wolverine.

Can Siberian tiger kill the Bengal tiger?

Most likely not. Since Russian Brown bears (which are close kin to the American Grizzly bear) have been known to be killed by Siberian tigers--1.5% of a Siberian's diet is made up of bear--it is highly likely that a grizzly bear would not be able to kill a Siberian tiger.

In a fight between a male Bengal tiger and a male Siberian tiger who would win?

A Siberian tiger would win though it depends on experience and size even though the Siberian will be larger it could still go down.

Who would win in a fight between a beaver and a Siberian tiger?

Definitely the Siberian tiger would easily kill and eat the beaver since siberian tigers are strong enough to kill grizzly bears.

Why would a Siberian tiger win a fight against a grizzly bear?

Since siberian tigers are faster and better hunters with good weight and length, the siberian tiger would have a chance to fight the grizzly bear off. In most situations, grizzly bears have been known to kill siberian tigers and siberian tigers have been known to kill grizzly bears. The grizzly bear will do anything to fight down the siberian tiger by using its claws, muscles, and teeth. Since a siberian tiger is good enough when its got its good body weight, then it could definitely win such a fight.

Who is going to win in a fight against a wooly mammoth or a Siberian tooth tiger?

the wooly mammoth would most likely win because siberian tigers usually fight in packs and if it was just one it would take a while for the tiger to breach the mammoths thick skin and the mammoth would eventually get lucky and pierce the tiger with its tusks

Who would win in a fight a pack of Timber Wolves or a lone Siberian White Tiger?

Pack of Timber Wolves will surely win the fight

Who would win in a fight a Siberian Tiger or a Black bear?

The black bear would win because it is heavier and can stand up.

What can attack a Siberian tiger?

Basically anything can 'attack' them but i highly doubt that a mouse would but it can attack just not kill but man and another Siberian tiger can kill a Siberian tiger

Who would win in a fight between an Elephant a Siberian Tiger and a Silver-back Gorilla?

If the Siberian Tiger attacks the Silver Back Gorilla first, it can defeat it because of its hiding and charging. After that it must face the Elephant and can also defeat it with ease. So, in this way, the Siberian Tiger can win.But when the Siberian Tiger tries to attack the Elephant first, the Silver Back Gorilla goes behind and give a punch to the Siberian Tiger, leading to its death. After that the Silver Back Gorilla attacks the Elephant. It can be a fierce fight or a normal fight. But, the Silver Back Gorilla wins by punching it. In this way, the Silver BAck Gorilla can win the fight.But when the Silver Back Gorilla and Siberian Tiger fights first, and the Elephant hides, the fierce fight between them leads to severe injury. The Siberian Tiger gets severe injury, and the elephant can defeat it with ease.The Elephant charges at the Siberian tiger, stomping it as the tiger dies, while the gorilla gets killed by getting crushed by the elephants foot.Overall the elephant will win because it is so big, heavy, and strong.

Who would win a fight between a great white shark or a Siberian tiger?

In the water a Tiger would have no chance against a 10 times as heavy shark but on land the tiger would win because a shark can't breath in air