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Who would win a fight between a badger and a hyena?


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September 13, 2011 9:55PM

Hyena. Hyena is like a coyote. Badger is like a groundhog. That question is like asking, "Who would win a fight between a mouse and a rhino?"

Actualy. It would take a hyena a serious reason to confront a badger. Hyena are roughly 3 feet at the shoulder and around 4 feet long excluding tail. and weigh around 30-50 lbs. Hyena's are cowards, and would prefer scavaging to conflict.

Badgers are uauly a foot to a foot and a half at the shoulder, and are usually 2 feet long. Badgers have a sleek body which assists them in combat (the reason a badger would kill a wolverine, because of its ability to get under its apponents guard and go for the throat. Bagers usually weigh up to 15-20 pounds.

Yes the hyena is bigger but the Badger is deffinetly more savage.

So to put to reason a Badger and A hyena fought lets say the Hyena was trying to eat Bagger pup.The Badger would be hard put, but using its ferocity and its technique of getting under the other animal's guard Id have to say the Bager would win 80% of the time.