Who would win if America and Russia had a war?

Well, I think the Russian Federation would win, because it has the 3rd largest armed forces in the world, the most nukes, and it has China, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and MOST Alaskans on it's side. China has the largest armed forces in the world, India has the 5th largest, and Pakistan and Iraq combined would have a pretty big @$$ chance of being a superpower (or at least a major power.). China has the 3rd most nukes in the world, India has tonnages of em', and so does Pakistan.(or well at least a dozen or... mabye...possibly...more than likely...less.) China , and India are the 1st and 3rd most populated countries in the world, Russia, China and India are some of the largest nations in the world, with Russia and China being 1st and 2nd. So, Russia

well, as we all know that usa alliance [Nato], have most modern weapon then Russia's alliance. Also American have gone into many war,so their experience is higher then russia.