Who would win in a fight Superman or Batman?

The fight has already taken place, at the end of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" Batman uses a cloud of green Kryptonite gas to rob Superman of his powers, and had no trouble beating him up. Superman can win a fight... but Batman can plan a battle. There's a difference. Superman has called Batman the "most dangerous man alive".

Some other opinions:

Super man IS invicable he took a bullet to the eye man a rekon bat man would be no probs for him and batman has no super powers.

Superman, no doubt.

See, here is the problem with the above answer.But before i say anything, i am not a comic book geek. ok. batman has a utility belt with tools to defeat every superhero if they were to turn against him. this means he has different colored kryptonite rings in a few of the pouches. all he would need to do was slip it on, sneak up behind superman, and boom, he beats superman.

superman would win batman is crap compared to the invincibility of superman unless batman used a horse to break supermanss back

i think batman could win IF he could get any kryptonite to use. ive heard that after superman went rouge batman started carrying kryptonite like the other dude said. so i thing superman would win UNLESS batman could use the kryptonite.

Batman could only win if he has kryptonite.

"Superhuman speed - Ability to move at speeds far greater than normal humans are capable of. Top speeds have ranged from hundreds of miles per hour to beyond the speed of light. Includes the speeding up of his thoughts and perception to be able to control his actions as well as normal while moving at high speeds."

Taken from Wikipedia, his speed and strength alone would defeat Batman if Batman has no kryptonite. He'd hit him, and send him flying before Batman could even blink.

If batman has prep time, he can beat most, but not all, versions of superman (using engineered kryptontite, GL rings, etc.). However, without prep time, he loses, partially because he only carries kryptonite within metropolis.