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In a fight between a boxer and a pit bull, chances are the pit bull would win the fight. This is because back in the old times, the pit bulls were bred and taught to kill other animals.

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Q: Who would win in a fight a boxer or a pit bull?
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What dog is tougher a pit bull or boxer?

Pitbull would win if they got in a fight but if im gonna be honest i have a xl pitbull but it depends on how aggressive and the size but pitbulls bite and dont let go for nothing so id say pit would

What is a pit bull and boxer puppy called?

That is a pit bull mix.

Who would win a pitbull or a boxer?

The boxer is a beautiful breed. It is a strong muscular dog, but it does not have the killer instinct that the pit bull has bred into it. The Pit Bull was bred to fight and although both the Boxer and the Pit Bull are fairly evenly matched in size and strength; once the Pit gets a lock on its opponent, it will hold on and take substantive amounts of punishment without letting go. If the jaws lock onto its opponent's neck; then it's game over. So if you're walking your Boxer and you see a Pit Bull ahead; cross the street.

Who would win a fight Alaskan Malamute vs Pit Bull?

Pit bull.

What is a bull boxer?

A bull boxer is a mix between a boxer and an English bulldog. There are several different kinds of crosses, such as the bulloxer, which is a boxer and American bulldog, a bullboxer pit, which is a boxer and an American pit bull terrier, and a staffy bull which is a boxer and a staffordshire bull terrier. jamie is weak

Is your dog a pit bull or a boxer?

my dog is a pit bull iv had pit bull's ever since i was little i mean who wouldn't like a pit bull?

Who would win a fight a Stafford shire bull terrier or a pit bull?

totally the pit bull its the same dog and its not right to fight dogs and if i ever see it we will go rounds

Who would win in a fight pit bull or a red fox?

pit bull, their jaws are so powerful that their jaws can stop a bullet

Who would win in a fight a pit bull terrier or a saint bernard?

A Pit Bull Terrier because they are used to fighting and that's what they did years back.

Fight between a hyena and a pit-bull?

A hyena would win due to it agility and strength plus it is 2x as big as a pit bull

Can you raise a pekingese with a pit bull?

If the pit bull doesn't fight to rough!

How big do half pit bull dogs and half boxer dogs get?

Since the average weight of boxers is around 75 pounds, and the average weight of a pitt bull about 80 pounds, a half pit/half boxer would weigh 75 - 80 pounds.

What does a pitbull boxer mix look like?

Like a cross between a pit bull and a boxer?

Is English bull terrier stronger than pit bull?

The bull terrier would probably lose in a fight with a pit bull even though they were both bred for fighting the pit bull is also breed to have strong killing instincts while the bull terrier was now is bred to be a companion.

Who would win a fight a pit bull or an adult lynx?

White Fang

Who would win a fight between a pit bull and a Siberian husky?


Can a bull dog beat a pit bull in a fight?


What dog bread can beat a pit bull in a fight?

ther is not one thing that can take a pit bull.

Would you go wrong by adopting a boxer pit bull mix?

Nothing, as long as you love it, care for it and don't abuse it.

Who will win in a fight a canary dog or a pit bull?

depends on the fight in the dog.

What would win in a fight coyote or a pit bull?

A Coyote would win because it has more strength

Could a Siberian husky beat a pit bull in a fight?

If bad enough to fight a pit bull with another one but facing a bit pull with another breed is worst. Don't ever face a pit bull with another breed. That is abusive.

What does a pit bull mix with a boxer dog look like?

I have a American pit mixed with boxer and he his beautiful great color very well behaved you wanna see ouctures

Who would win in a fight betwean a pitbull and a Bullmastiff?

Pit bull, more heart for the contest.

Who would win in a fight a pit bull or a lion?

A lion. It's size alone would be the determining factor.

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