Who would win in a fight a jaguar or a black bear?

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The black bear. A black bear has 600 pounds of muscles, stronger/sharper claws and teeth, and a bad aggression. A black bear can even kill an adult tiger.
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Would a panther or bear win in a fight?

A bear will win for sure when the bear weighs from 475-1500 pounds depending on the species, and is very large compared to a panther. One swipe with its paws from the bear will immediately knock down a panther fatally. If the panther attempted to bite the bear, the bear will fight back and most like ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a bear or a bull?

The bear has better defense and strength than the bull. In a fight like this, the bull is a better fighter, but the bear is heavier in weight and much more bulky. Although the bull is a little bit faster than the bear, the bear tends to be more involved with killing. Also, bears are strong carnivore ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight between a jaguar and bear?

It would vary, if it was a polar bear, no chance for jaguar, if it was a black bear 4/10 would the bear win because the black bears is one of the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. But jaguar vs grizzlie, it would be 40/60 in favor of bear just because of their size and their strength. Hope thi ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight a liger or a bear?

Cats are better fighters than bears, and a liger is HUGE, so a brown bear would most likely lose to a liger.. who would win in a fight a liger or a brown bear i think the brown bear cuz he is alot stronger and has sharp claws/teeth and a big skull and has big bones and strong mucles.. A liger woul ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a hyena or a jaguar?

a Jaguar.Hyenas are only agile and having the most powerful bite of all the mamals.However that won't help.the jaguar has twice as long fangs and large, retactable claws. There 's a lot of reports of jaguar killing crocodiles.The croc dominates in bite force in animal kingdom.Jaguar had a muscular b ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight anaconda or bear?

Well lets say a Grizzly Bear against a giant green anaconda then it would go to the bear as long as the bear could see it. Same with the Black Bear. A sun bear,Panda Bear,Or spectacled bear would loose no doubt and the polar bear would kill the anaconda in seconds. In the water a large enough anacon ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight bear or a wolf?

A bear has sharp claws that could kill the wolf in single swipe. A bear is much heavier, larger, stronger, and aggressive than a wolf, but also more weapons.

Would a tiger win if it was fighting a jaguar?

I would expect it to do so. The Tiger is large in size but the Jaguar is more muscular and therefore the pit bull of the wild cats. The way they kill is by crushing the prey's skull with their bite. Any cat larger than Jaguar would win in a fight, even it is only speculation, because such match has ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a crocodile or a black bear?

A crocodile because it is stronger and larger than an alligator since crocodiles have bigger snouts, more strength, and therefore a nasty killer. Crocodiles can be quite strong enough to grab a bear behind and violently drag it in the water to kill. A black bear, especially one fighting a crocodile, ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight tiger or bear?

That really depends on the sex, age, species and health of either species. It should be noted that WCS/WWF scientists have disregarded as unreliable a lot of the historical data weights on wild Amur tiger that put in the 300 + kg range. Recent WCS data show weights for male Amur tigers under 50 ( Full Answer )

What would win in a fight jaguar or wolverine?

A jaguar would at anytime because of its speed which is up to-58mph and claws which is-9in sharp and long and bite force which is-100% strong well up to 1000% strong because a aguar can bite through a turtle shell and beccuz a jaguar is mor agile buit than the wolverine and more capable of fighting ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight on land black bear or hippo?

The hippo would definitely win this fight because a hippo has a larger body with thick skin and a huge jaw that can crush the black bear to death. One hippo can even kill a polar bear without getting injured.

Who would win in a fight a Jaguar or a lion?

While the jaguar is a faster and more agil and athletic cat the jaguar well have no chance going one on one with a male lion but that does not mean that the jaguar can't outsmart the lion if a jaguar was hunting with another of his own kind which is very unlikely the jaguar can actually ambush the l ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight a jaguar or a kangaroo?

Well acording to me calculations the force of a kangaroos kick to the skull of a jaguar would nock out the jaguar but if the jaguar was able to get a hold of the kangaroo before it attacks then it would win, so depends on who stikes first.

Which would win a fight leopard or jaguar?

jaguar has way more advantages such as strength and bite force and much more and all a leopard has is speed and agility so if you compare jaguar is stronger and leopard is faster so for me strenght always wins

Who would win in a fight between a lion and a black bear?

The lion for sure would defeat the black bear with ease. Lions weigh 500 pounds, while black bears weigh 400 pounds, and a lion is quite stronger than a black bear. With sharper claws and thicker paws, the lion would strike the black bear to death. Also, lions have better body resistance.

Who would win in a fight between a black bear and a bull?

The bull has sharp horns, faster speed, strong hooves, and a powerful body that can knock down the black bear. One charge from the bull will beat the black bear if the black bear does not bite the bull's face.

Who would win in a fight between an ox a black bear and a lion?

A lion because it can defend it self better then an ox and bear. The black bear will not win when the lion can kill it with a weight advantage and teeth, and also the ox can knock its chest with its thick head. This leaves the ox and the lion fighting. A lion has sharp claws and sharp teeth, while a ( Full Answer )

Why would a lion win a fight against a black bear?

Most of the time, it wouldn't. The black bear is bigger (700 lbs vs 550 lbs), stronger (bears are, pound for pound, the strongest of the order Carnivora, an order containing both bears and felines) and smarter (if food is a reward, they can even learn faster than chimpanzees) than the lion. The blac ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight 2 black bears a grizzly bear and a polar bear?

It's likely that the polar bear might win the fight. 2 black bears would first go for the grizzly bear and work together to swat that thing to death, but a grizzly bear would also fight back. If the grizzly bear did this, it might have a chance to win, but it could get seriously hurt. Then, the pola ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a black bear or a gorilla?

The black bear. A black bear has sharp, large claws and larger canines that can tear up the gorilla to death when angry. Black bears weigh 600 lbs and stand 6 ft tall, while gorillas weigh 400 lbs and stand 5.5 ft tall.

Who would win a fight a black bear or a tiger?

These two animals are capable of killing each other. It all depends on the age, health, and strength of each animals. Asiatic black bears can sometimes kill tigers when they enter in their territories, but tigers have also been known to kill black bears as well. Black bears are highly aggressive cre ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a black bear or an alligator?

It is hard to say because the black bear has a terrible aggression and sharp claws, but the alligator has huge jaws. The black bear could kill an alligator on land because an alligator would get confused with land, and a black bear has strong enough muscles to flip the alligator over. If the black b ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a black bear or a gnu?

Most likely the black bear. A black bear has good enough weight and an appropiate size with bad aggression that is enough to kill a gnu. A gnu would always run away from attacks unless if it was cornered or was attacked by a smaller animal.

Who would win a fight a grizzly bear or two black bears?

The two black bears would win the fight because they together weigh as much as a grizzly bear, and have bad aggressions. The grizzly bear would injure the two black bears after the two black bears killed the grizzly bear.

Who would win a fight a black bear or three wolves?

It depends on the size of the black bear and the strength of the three wolves. Three wolves are good at taking down creatures that are bigger than them, but a black bear sometimes can fight down a grizzly bear as well. If the black bear tried to claw the wolves with its paws and swipe them, the wolv ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a black bear or two wolves?

Depending on the size and strength of the black bear and the each of the two wolves, they are both capable of killing each other. A black bear has the strength of killing the two wolves with its size and claws advantage over the two wolves. Black bears have bad aggressions over killing, which would ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight a Siberian tiger a lion or a giant black bear?

The giant black bear would first attack the lion and try to rip it to pieces with its razor sharp claws and teeth, but the lion's strength could injure the giant black bear. Since the giant black bear is bigger than the lion, the giant black bear would win the fight with the lion. As the giant black ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight between a mountain lion and a black bear?

Mountain lions are really good at being all secretive and all, and would really much rather avoid fighting any kind of animal that is capable of putting up a fight than going for an animal that chooses to run for its life. In that context, a black bear has a better chance of winning because the moun ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight if black bear and Bengal tiger fought?

Depends on the experiences and age of each animal. A bengal tiger would usually beat an asiatic black bear in a combat, but an american black bear would stand more of a chance. American black bears are bigger in size compared with asiatic black bears, and a very big male can come across a small fe ( Full Answer )

Who would win a fight between a red dog and an asiatic black bear?

Dholes actually are said to avoid bears, like sloth bears, sun bears, and asiatic black bears because of their aggressive behavior. The red dog would run away before it got a chance to do anything to the asiatic black bear. Asiatic black bears are about 3 times the size of them, and asiatic black be ( Full Answer )

Who would win in a fight a wolf or a bear?

Wolves are, for the most part, pack hunters, and do not excel atfighting a target on their own. A fully grown bear, however slowerit may be, would be adept at crushing a wolf when it inevitablypounces inward.