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A male gorilla is typically much larger than a male kangaroo. While a kangaroo's kick can disembowel, a gorilla's heavier frame and ability to grapple an opponent would likely carry the day for it.


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A gorilla has no chance to fight a rhino.

a kangaroo can punch and kick a gorilla with its arms and back legs

Hippo. Too big for the gorilla.

The gorilla would win because it would choke the anaconda to death and stomp on it.

gorilla cause much bigger and stronger

The gorilla is larger and stronger. It would choke the leopard to death.

The gorilla would win on land. It can break the crocodile's jaw or shut it tight. In water, the crocodile would bite the gorilla and drag it underwater.

Probably the gorilla, as cougars do not like to fight an animal that will stand up to it and be prepared to fight it.

a mountain gorilla would win because there bulky and super strong it would win with a slam or punch

It would depend on where they are fighting.

Sloth bear. It weighs more than the gorilla and would tear the gorilla with its claws.

I think the gorilla. It can choke the tiger to death and snap its neck.

Hippo wins easily. A gorilla would be crushed by the hippo's tremendous bite.

* if a gorilla ever got into a fight with a pack of bamboons, most likely the bamboons would, but it is more of a 50% 50% chance in the fight

The Gorilla would by far win. If a Gorilla can flip over a car, it can definetly throw a horse. A Gorilla is capable of using strength to the equivilent of 10 8-10 strong men.

Most likely a gorilla would win the anaconda when the gorilla can wrestle free and bite the anaconda to death. Gorillas are stronger than anacondas and they are much faster.

The gorilla can win because of his mobility but likely the elephant unless the gorilla is smarter then the average gorilla. The elephant just needs a few pounces or 1 charge to win but the gorilla needs to be quick and persistent which is harder to do in a fight so my moneys on the elephant.

A gorilla, they are way bigger than a tiger, and can strangle the tiger to death.

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