Who would win in a fight batman or Superman?

The fight has already taken place, at the end of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" Batman uses a cloud of green Kryptonite gas to rob Superman of his powers, and had no trouble beating him up. Superman can win a fight... but Batman can plan a battle. There's a difference. Superman has called Batman the "most dangerous man alive."

In my opinion, Superman would win, because Batman would use tools, but Superman actually has superpowers without the help of any technology, so Batman would be powerless to Superman, although... anybody with kryptonite could kill superman.

Plus Superman could always fly right through Batman at the speed of light. Batman would pretty much have to murder Superman in cold blood.

Depends on the conditions, Usually Batman, but only because Superman has to hold back when fighting normal humans and batman has kryptonite on him 65% of the time.