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By general consensus, King Kong would win in a fight between him and T-Rex, according to the various answers below made by various users:

  • King Kong would because he has hands to grab on the T-Rex and snap it's neck.
  • Ah, Tyrannosaurus ain't stupid enough to fight Kong. He would prefer easier prey.
  • King Kong. He's done it in three movies.
  • Probably King Kong will defeat the T-Rex by slamming it to the ground and breaking its giant jaws up. T-Rex cannot do anything with its arms because they are so small. It can only kill with its body weight, legs, and strong jaws with sharp teeth.
  • King Kong will win because he is taller, smarter, stronger, and a better fighter.
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The meaning of Rex in Tyrannosaurus rex is king. If all, tyrannosaurus rex, meaning is tyrant king.

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Tyrannosaurus means "Tyrant Lizard King"

Tyrannosaurus translates as 'tyrant lizard' in Latin. Therefore Tyrannosaurus Rex means 'Tyrant Lizard King.'

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Tyra, or terry as put, means tyrant or terrible, so Tyrannosaurus means "Terrible lizard", and Tyrannosaurus means "Tyrant lizard king".

The name Tyrannosaurus rex is often abbreviated "T. rex" The translation of the name is "King of the lizards."

The King of the Dinosaurs was the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Its name literally means "Tyrant Lizard King".

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Normally Tyrannosaurus rex is said to be the "King of the Dinosaurs". but if you think in size it is the Spinosaurus

Tyrannosaurus means Tyrant Lizard, and Rex means King in Latin. Triceratops means three-horned face.

Tyrannosaurus rex means "King Lizard" because at the time that the Tyrannosaur was named, it was the biggest dinosaur known.

Its name translates as "tyrant lizard king".

No, back in the Prehistoric age the T rex was king of the land. If a Pterodactyl tried to attack the Tyrannosaurus the T rex would just over power the Pterodactyl and rip it LIMB FROM LIMB.

they were fighting for who will be the next King.

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