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Who would win in a fight between an ox 4 lions and a grizzly bear?


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Lions, especially if they are females from the same pride. The grizzly bear can defeat and kill the ox if it avoided its horns and head, but the lions will get it after the grizzly bear gets injury by the ox's body strength. If the grizzly bear attacked the 4 lions, the grizzly bear will have a chance to win because its big claws can kill 2 lions if it was strong enough to. After the lions get killed, the grizzly bear might get injured, and the ox can kill it with ease.

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The grizzly bear may win, but it would be injured. On the other hand, the lions may win, but would get themselves injured.

although there have been no documented cases of a fight between a tiger and a grizzly, there were several documented cases in the 1920s of staged fights between grizzlys and African lions, these encounters were no contest with the grizzly dispatching the lions with ease. My guess is the tiger may put up a slightly better fight than the lion but would still be killed readily by the more powerful grizzly.

Lions and grizzly bears do not live on the same continents so would never meet in nature.

The grizzly is more lazier than the black bear, but usually in any other cases the grizzly would win the fight.

lions, because lions are the king of the beast.

Neither would win because it could never happen. Lions live in parts of Africa and Asia and grizzly bears live in North America. They never meet in nature.

The Elephant would totally win. It would stomp the grizzly bear to death.

First of all, if the 4 grizzly bears have gorilla muscles, they could destroy 10 lions in a minute. That also means they could probably destroy 20 lions in less than 5 minutes depending on the condition, temperature, and size.

We will never know because lions and grizzly bears do not even live on the same continent.

A grizzly bear would probably win against a Bengal tiger... BUT: a Siberian tiger would win against a grizzly.

the grizzly would tear the golden eagle to shreds because the grizzly would get the birds foot and kill him winner grizzly bear

a grizzly bear has more strengh. so the grizzly bear would win.

that would be an intersting fight. I would say that if a full-size male gorilla fought a full-size male grizzly bear, the grizzly bear would win the close fight

Maybe a gorilla, they are way smarter and have heavy and muscular arms.

The grizzly bear would win. But Muhammad Ali, in his prime, could have beaten all three beasts.

The grizzly bear would still win the fight because it has a larger size and stronger claws and teeth.

If 1 lion enters another lions territory they would fight. Or if a lion tries invading the other lions territory and make it his

The grizzly would win. Even very large black bears have no chance against a grizzly bear because the grizzly bear is bigger.

Lions exist, demon do not. Lions win. A demon is a spiritual being and a lion is only an animal, the demon would win.

The two black bears would win the fight because they together weigh as much as a grizzly bear, and have bad aggressions. The grizzly bear would injure the two black bears after the two black bears killed the grizzly bear.

Of course it would! Lions fight and even kill other lions to keep away from their food and territory.

Grizzly, no question. Except a feller could have a chance at winning if he had a nice sharp frog sticker (also known as a Bowie knife) with him.

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