Who would win in wreslin john cena or the under taker?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Who would win in wreslin john cena or the under taker?
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Who is better cena or taker?

taker is good but cena is whats on the charts so I'm going to have to say cena

Who would win at mania john cena or taker?

The Undertaker

Will under taker lose his streak?

yes when he fight vs john cena at wrestmania

Who is the best in the WWE?

john cena,randy ortan,under taker and big show

Who would win between john cena and undertaker after a match between Randy Orton?

If at wrestlemania taker will win,If it simple matches cena will win

Who is more popular and better John cena or the under taker?

Well Undertaker is 19-0, and rode a motorcycle around the ring but John Cena has a lot a energy and porform impressive shows in and out the ring. I think it is a tie between the two.

Can you Unlock gaulet match svr 09?

YES after you do a gauntlet match in undertakers road to wrestlemaniaYes not done with taker with cena.

Who are future WWE hall of famers?

i gotta say future WWE HALL OF FAMORS well john cena Evan bourn triple H Shawn micheals Jeff hardy wade berrot rey mysterio and of course the under taker

What are the results to the WWE ppv TLC 2009?

john cena will win the wwe championshipunder taker will regain his world titlechristian will regain his ecw title.

Rey mysterio or cena?

In real life John Cena would most likely be stronger and in storyline,at the moment Cena would be stronger I would say.

Who do you think would win Batista or John cena?


How did John Cena carry up Viscera?

Because Cena is a freak of nature and his strength is under rated