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Who would win mace wind or yoda?

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I would say Mace, he is strong smart and skilled. Yoda is powerful but not as strong as he used too.

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Who would win in a lightsaber battle Yoda or Mace Windu?

Yoda, absolutely no question. Even if there was no force, Yoda is much more calm, and wouldn't become nervous. Mace Windu would destroy Yoda in a lightsaber duel. Mace is a Vaapad master and he defeated Chancellor Palpatine in a fair fight. But he was fooled easily. He also had the upper hand against Palpatine, because Palpatine didn't see Windu coming.

If Darth Vader fought Yoda who will win?

I think Yoda would definitely win Yoda would win cuz he's a jedi MASTER

Who would win Mace Windu or Yoda?

Windu He is the Grand master of the force and only gave it to Yoda to go fight in the clone wars. He also invent the 7th type of lightsaber combat, making him a legendary at saber combt.

Who would win anakin and count duuko and Darth maul or yoda and mace windu and obi wan kenobi?

In the third movie, Revenge of the Sith, Anakin killed Dooku. So, Anakin would win? As for the others, it's a matter of opinion.

Who would win out of yoda and Spider-Man?

Yoda has the force and a lightsaber. Spidey can shoot webs. Not even close- Yoda FTW.

Who would win in a fight between yoda and optimus prime?

YODA!!!!!!!!!!!! Yoda rocks! Optimus primes okay though... but still! YODA IS THE BEST!! may the force be with you ;P

What armour would win flail or mace in Runescape?

Flail would win the majority of the time.

Who Would Win Anakin Skywalker or yoda?

anakin because he killed dooku when yoda coudn't go anakin

Who would win Harry Potter or Yoda?

Neither Harry nor Yoda believe in using their powers to hurt others, when it can be helped. They would end up not fighting, and Harry would introduce Yoda to butterbeer and a cute house elf.

Who would win in a fight yoda or Darth maul?

Ok in this battle between yoda and Darth maul would be tough for both maul being a hunter and yoda being a grand master an all.. everyone know in force power yoda would have a times ten upper hand on things so with those statistics i would say yoda would win the only chance maul would have is if he was able to over due yoda with lightsabers and even with a double blade maul would have to be at the top of his game they are both fast and strong but yoda is more trained and wise maul is in for blood and that's it so Yoda V.S. Darth Maul yoda would have the victory but i belive that there is a 1 in a million chance that maul might be able to pull through but it would be very unlikely which is a shame because maul is my favorite character

Who would win yoda or obiwan?

Yoda since he's the Grand Master and the oldest living Jedi ever. He trained students for over 800 years

Who would win in a star wars battle obi wan or yoda?

Most likely Yoda since he is the Grand Master and is the oldest and wisest of the Jedi Council

What if Darth Maul and Mace Windu fought?

it would be a good battle,but windu would eventually win.

Who would win Yoda or Superman?

Superman because he's super. Yoda, because he has the force, and Superman isn't light saber-proof. Luckily, they would probably fight on the same side. :)

Who would win in a fight hulk or yoda?

Hulk, for sure.....Since he is nigh-invulnerable with a healing factor, even IF yoda could hurt him (which his light Sabre probably could not do), his healing factor would likely negate any damage. Meanwhile, Yoda sucks and would be smooshed.

Who would win Yoda or Dumbledore?

dumbledoreDumbledor because he has magic powers and cause he's awesome!!!!!!!!!!In yo face yoda!!!!!Go dumbledor!!!!! Woooooooooooooot xd

Would Yoda or Darth Vador win a battle against each other?

Yoda would defeat Darth Vador in a battle because he is much faster and more powerful. Darth Vador is slow.

What does the band master of a marching band use?

A mace. The mace is used to coand the band, and also to perform tricks, to win points in competition :)

Is general grievous stronger than yoda?

Of course Yoda can win. Grievous was trained in saber arts by Count Dooku but had no force abilities. See Wookieepedia and search Grievous for bio

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