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I wouldn't choose either one. In a relationship both people must care for/love each other for there to be any chance of a lasting, fulfilling relationship. If you enter into a relationship where love is present from one person and not the other there will always be disappointment and a longing for love from that person. It is a one-sided relationship. I would wait until you meet the person that you love and who loves you in return. There is someone out there for everyone. It can be very difficult to move on from someone you love but if that person does not return your love that relationship will never be fulfilling or bring you happiness. The relationship will not last and someone will end up hurt. Wait for the right person to come along. It will happen.

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I will prefer someone who I love because if you love that person with whole heart .One day will come when he will fall for u for sure and realize your love.

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Whom would you choose the one you love or the one who loves you?

I don't know of others but I would choose the one who loves me, because whom we love, its not necessary that he/she also loves you.

How can you tell he is lying that he loves someone else when really on the inside he loves you?

Well hun, if he loves you, then why would he love someone else? Or why would he love you if he loves someone else? Just think, if he truly loves someone, he wouldn't love another person even if he shows it or not. So, he might be lying, sorry to say.

Why would someone choose accounting as a profession?

Someone who is good with math and numbers would choose accounting as a profession

Should you choose left or right on call of duty 5?

it doesnt matter, but i would choose right

Your boyfriend tells you he loves you but he doesn want someone like you What is does dat mean?

you are defietly wasting your time, if he loves you but doesnt love you, WHAT does he love? maybe your a good kisser and that's all he wants, just think about that and decide for yourself.AnswerI think I would ask him what he means by he "doesn't want someone like you?" If he really loves you then he has to be somewhat accepting of you. To say that he loves you but doesn't want someone like you sounds completely weird and if I were you I would ask myself this. Do you want someone like him???That's just insulting. Doesn't want someone like you? Whoever you are, you deserve better. Move on.

Will you meet someone that loves you?

yes u would

How do you know that someone loves you?

if someone loves you then they would look at you or smile at you all the time. they would also tell you something he or she never told anyone like if the love you.

M dating a guy who has a girlfriend abroad he loves his girlfriend but is with me too?

make him choose. its not fair to you and definitely the other woman as she probably doesnt know about you so is planning some sort of future with him. Would you like it?

Why doesnt Justin Bieber like his fans?

he loves his fans. he would even date one!

What might a girl say if I say I like you?

every girl loves to be told that someone likes her even if she doesnt like them. im sure she would be flattered even if she didnt show it at first.

My boyfriend and I are concently arguin and he is unsure if he still loves me what should you do?

i would dump him, find someone who loves you !

How do you deal with someone you love and he says he loves you back but doesnt show it?

Many guys would say they love someone back and not show it, either because that's the first time someone has said they loved him, or he likes your outta appearance but not truly in love with your inner self.

What would you do if you were me choose someone you love faraway and move there or wait until you get a college degree and then move there?

Personally i would get the degree first. For the mere fact that your education needs to come first. If he really loves you he will wait for you.

If he make love with you does it mean that he loves you?

just bacause you have sex with someone doesnt meen that they love you because it could be a dare and they could hate you... : ) Nope, Shoot I would do it with almost any girl, anywhere

What do you do if you like a guy whose dating your best friend and you know he loves your best friend but she doesnt love him back and I do but they're still dating?

Why would you want to date someone that is in love with someone else. Have a little bit of self respect, be positive about yourself and find someone who cares about you, you will.

How can you identify someone who loves you?

he would stare at her breast and she would stare at buldge in his pant

Wind is caused by the uneven heating of?

Hana loves cupcakes in the world no one would ever say that she doesnt

How do you he really loves you?

In order to know if someone loves you especially a guy they would be competely genuine with it. If he looks into your eyes. Listen to you but before you can love him back and before you know if he loves you back. You guys have to be bestfriends like as in friends not just someone you met. Love is patient and kind you would know if he really loves you. There would be signs to show if hes caring or not.

Would Prince Harry marry an African?

ofcoarse he could because if he truly loves girl he would and plus it is his choose

How would you no when someone loves you?

when someone loves you the there are certain characteristics the person does for you to know he loves you.some of these characteristics are ;caring for the male or female .not being angry all the i mean not being hot tempererd forgiving one another.

How can you attract a girl when she loves someone else?

taking her away from someone else she loves isn't a good idea you would seem like the bad person and she may get hurt!!

What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn?

Your question is contradictory. "What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn't?" ...Clearly the answer would be that she doesn't really love you, and you know this, as you stated "but she doesn't."

What would the dream job be for someone who loves animals and is good with science?

A veterinarian.

How can you tell if your ex husband loves you?

ask him if he would have a threesome with you and another guy and if he goes for it then he doesnt really love you anymore

Does Victoria Justice have an album?

NO! she doesnt but she loves singing - if i could i would up load my album of her collection of songs - i really would - so sorry!!