Who wrote Two Wolves words of an old Cherokee Indian?

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The folk story of "Two Wolves" is attributed to many different tribal people. No published accounts of Cherokee oral history, folklore, or philosophy-of which their are many-include this story and it's basic premise of good battling evil is foreign to the Cherokee worldview.

This story, as many others like it, (even IF it were native in origin) would not be attributed to any "one" person as those are verbal stories handed down for generations.

Please note that this story is Inconsistent with native story forms, Native Stories do NOT contain the 'Moral of the story' at the end like non-native stories do.

For instance:
The story in Native Form would be:

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.
"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

Non-Natives would add this to the story:

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"
The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

This difference is social-religious between the two cultures and is a good way to tell which stories maybe of native origin, and which are not. The Native American angle was from movies taking a Billy Graham story and attributing it to Indians. This story seems to have begun in 1978 when a early form of it was written by the Evangelical Christian Minister Billy Graham in his book, "The Holy Spirit: Activating God's Power in Your Life." This version of the story can be found in Chapter 7: The Christian's Inner Struggle on Page 92 and it is as follows: "AN ESKIMO FISHERMAN came to town every Saturday afternoon. He always brought his two dogs with him. One was white and the other was black. He had taught them to fight on command. Every Saturday afternoon in the town square the people would gather and these two dogs would fight and the fisherman would take bets. On one Saturday the black dog would win; another Saturday, the white dog would win - but the fisherman always won! His friends began to ask him how he did it. He said, "I starve one and feed the other. The one I feed always wins because he is stronger." Billy Graham continues by explaining the story. I will now provide a few excerpts to show the connection between this story and the later versions as well of how it's grounded in Christianity. "This story about the two dogs is apt because it tells us something about the inner warfare that comes into the life of a person who is born again. We have two natures within us, both struggling for mastery. Which one will dominate us? It depends on which one we feed." (Page 92)
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When did the Cherokee Indians live?

They origanally lived in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, and Arkenses .

What is the Cherokee Indian symbol for family?

how do u say family in native American Cherokee and the symbol tsidanalu... jee-dah-nah-loo....my family O'siyo tsidanalu, ulihelisdi .... Greetings my family, welcome. Those aren't symbols, they're words in the language.

How do the Cherokee Indians respect for nature?

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Place of worship for Cherokee Indians?

Cherokee's had a very specific spot and time of worship, much like European religions. To find a Cherokee Church, please look to the north - see that tree on top of the hill almost outside your vision, that is one corner - now repeat this in all compass directions. Once you have located 'that spot' ( Full Answer )

What country did Cherokee Indians come from?

The Cherokee are from lands that are now part of the USA. They were originaly a powerful tribe in the region of North and South Carolina and moved successfully to adopt many elements of the surrounding white culture following the American Revolution.. During the Presidency of Andrew Jackson, they w ( Full Answer )

What right does Cherokee Indians have?

This depends entirely on 'which set' of Cherokee's you are referring to, as there are many different ones. 1) Western Band Cherokee's, members of "The Cherokee Nation" have no rights under their own constitution, or the constitution of the United States - as the BIA's approval process made them a " ( Full Answer )

What is the Cherokee Indian translation for strength?

Strength is pronounced "nulinega." Hey there, I am looking for the same thing only I have found two different ways to spell it and I am confused can someone please clarify which is the correct spelling of "strength" in correct Cherokee writing here is what I found ᏄᎵᏁᎬᎬ ( Full Answer )

Where are Cherokee Indians from?

The Cherokee tribe originated in North Carolina, eventually spreading throughout the southeastern United States. After people discovered gold on Cherokee land in the state of Georgia, President Andrew Jackson ignored Cherokee land rights, eventually forcing the Cherokee (and many other tribes) to mo ( Full Answer )

What is the Cherokee Indian translation for the word peace?

Nvwadohiyadv, pronounced nuh wah doe hee yaw duh . " Nvwadohiyadv " (ᏅᏩᏙᎯᏯᏛ) is the most formally correct way to say "peace" (and/or harmony). However, one can also say " tohidv " (ᏙᎯᏛ). This term can be found in the J.T. Alexander Dictionary. Quite ( Full Answer )

Who are the Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee are a people native to North America, who, at the time of European contact in the sixteenth century, inhabited what is now the Eastern and Southeastern United States. Most were forcibly moved westward to the Ozark Plateau in the 1830s. They are one of the tribes referred to as the Five ( Full Answer )

About Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee ate deer, bear, rabbit, fish, berries, nuts, corn,beans, and squash. They lived in North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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How the Cherokee Indians become the Cherokees?

The name the the Cherokee people call themselves is Tsulagi. When the Anglo explorers first encountered the Cherokee, they had a guide who was a Creek Indian, When they asked him who these people were, he answered "Cherokee"- which is Creek for "Don't understand them.". The CH sound does not exist i ( Full Answer )

What is the Cherokee Indian word for hi?

ᎣᏏᏲ "Osiyo" pronounced in Oklahoma as "Oh-see-yo" or shortened to "see-yo" and pronounced in North Carolina as "Oh-shee-yo."

How old are the Cherokee Indians?

The Cherokee legends state they were there since the earth was formed. There are legends that talk of 'the great flood' (if this was the glacial runoff from the ending of the ice age) then 20,000 years. Scientists have carbon dated items in that area back to 4,000 BC.. So, take your pick; 4,000 to ( Full Answer )

What is the Indian word for old town?

There is actually no such language as "Indian". There are more than 450 different languages spoken in India. If you are talking about Native American languages, there are more than 700. If you would like a translation, you would need to specify which Indian language you are talking about.

How old are wolves?

well, a few websites say since the ice age but they don't say which one! the last one was about 20,000 years ago.but the first one was about 2.4 billion years ago. the oldest living wolf was nine years in the wild when most wolves don't live past seven and a half years.

Did Cherokee Indians desend from wolves?

No. They arrived in North America from the Bering Strait land bridge as early as 25,000 years ago and migrated down to their homeland over thousands of years. All humans descend from primates. In fact, 99% of the DNA of humans and chimpanzees is identical.

What are some words that the Cherokee indians spoke?

Here are a few examples of Cherokee words and phrases. The English letter v is used in Cherokee for a nasalised "u" sound. tso-s-da-da-a-nv-tli..........................we are brothers tso-sda-da-lv....................................we are sisters o-si-yo................................... ( Full Answer )

What if your grandfather was a Cherokee Indian what percent Cherokee are you?

I am in the same boat grandmother was full blooded cherokee, made my father 50%, and makes his children 25%. Hope this helps. Answer 2: The "Blood Quantum" quoted above is falling into disuse as it cannot be shown through any scientific method how the "Aryan" blood (white blood) causes the non ( Full Answer )

How tall were the Cherokee Indians?

From my experience, the shortest (female schoolmate) was about 5'2" and the tallest I've met was about 5'7" (male at festival)

Were the Cherokee Indians violent?

Every Cherokee man became a warrior by law and tradition, but they were peaceful to the Americans before the Trail of Tears. So they probably did like fighting in wars, but were probably not bloodthirsty or violent.

Why are wolves so sacred to the Indians?

What i learn in science class is that people and other living things have this chemical called adrenaline,bad speller, and it makes you nervous or something like that, it's either fight or flight

Do Cherokee Indians ride horses?

Horses were very important to the Cherokee, and they still are. However, current reservations are getting increasingly more reliant on technology, so fewer will have a large number of horses as they do not have to rely on them as much. But in the past, horses were of great importance to the Chero ( Full Answer )

What country did the Cherokee Indians migrate from?

They migrated from their ancestral lands, that we now call CherokeeNation. It was located in the southeastern U.S.(in what is now theCarolinas) for hundreds of years, prior to the arrival of Europeanpeople. Answer 2 The Cherokee established their home in the mountains of NorthCarolina, Georgia and ( Full Answer )

What is the Cherokee Indians clothes made out of?

They can be made from plants: dresses, tops, and moccasinssometimes and then they made tops and skirts and moccasins out ofdeerskin. Men wore body paints and tattoos.

What are five facts about the Cherokee Indian?

1. They were natives in S Alleghgeny mountains. 2. They refused $5.7 million dollars to move to the harsh prairie land before 1830. 3. Cherokee,Sioux ,Blackfoot natives have have Japanese Ainu descent 4.Sequoyah their scholarly leader devised syllabary for writing language 5.Their language belongs ( Full Answer )

Why did the cherokee indians move west?

because Andrew Johnson signed a bill to remove Indians / forced them to move west to Oklahoma. As known as the trail of tears

What is the Cherokee Indian word agiduda?

There is a very strange American jewellery website claiming that agidud a is Cherokee for grandfather but this may be complete fantasy. The Cherokee word for grandfather is ududu or ginisi (paternal grandfather) or gidudu (maternal grandfather) .

What Indian tribes are the Cherokee Indians enemies?

The Catawba and other Siouan speaking tribes from the Piedmont of North Carolina in addition to the Tuscarora (Iroquois) in eastern North Carolina. I think also the Seminole. Plus the White People. They kinda did not like Spanish from Spain.

How do Cherokee Indians observe Christmas?

The Cherokee People are of the five civilized tribes and as such lived in a fairly "modern" way, adapting the log cabins of the European Settlers and later in the 1800's some even were mansion owners and slave owners themselves. Early on they learned that to survive they must evolve when the Europea ( Full Answer )

What Cherokee Indians houses were made of?

Many Eastern Cherokee Native Americans were skilled craftsmen/tradesmen, like builders and brick/stone masons. Hopefully those skills continued when the Eastern tribes were forced to relocate West (1820's - 1840's) While many homes were simple wooden structures, prior to the tragic Trail of Tears mo ( Full Answer )

How did Cherokee Indians gather their food?

the cherokee indians got there food by the women who mad crops and when they were growned they would take them down and make stew or something with it.the me would kill a deer,bufflo or anything for there meat .they cooked beefjerky with the meat too.

Who was the Indian who wrote the Indian language?

There is not just one Native American language there are thousands of languages. Many of the languages have never been written down and survive as an oral tradition only.