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Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

Annie Bryant

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Q: Who wrote beacon street girls?
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Who is the author of The Beacon Street Girls?

the author of the beacon street girls is Annie Bryant!

How many beacon street girls books are there?

There are 22 beacon street girls books but 5 of them aren't numbered.

How old are the Beacon Street Girls?

The Beacon Street Girls are 17 years old. It is 2011

How do you join beacon street girls?

, I am the creator of the Beacon Street Girls the BSG, And I am afraid nobody can join

What is the name of the first beacon street girls?

The first beacon street girls book is called "Best Friends/Worst Enemies".

Where can one buy the book Beacon Street Girls?

Beacon Street Girls is a series of books written for young girls. One may purchase any book from the series at the Beacon Street Girls official website. The books can also be purchased at bookstores and online at Amazon or eBay.

Are the beacon street girls books appopriet?

the beacon street girls books are appropriate for ages 9-10-11-12-13+ it is a very fun book about 5 friends!

Where do the beacon street girls live?

In the popular preteen series "Beacon Street Girl's" They all live in Boston! but they move around. there are not many houses on beacon street so im not sure they all live on beacon street Hope I helped out!

Are there any site like beacon street girls?


Who was the last to join beacon street girls?


How many pages does beacon street girls-crush alert have?

263 pgs

What are a lot of Marty money codes for beacon street girls?

2523658r30 for just kidding

When was Beacon Street Firehouse created?

Beacon Street Firehouse was created in 1901.

When was The Beacon Street Collection created?

The Beacon Street Collection was created in 1993.

Is there going to be a Beacon Street Girls Movie?

Hey! It's me, Annie Bryant, and YES, there is going to be a Beacon Street Girls movie, Worst Enemies/Best Friends. It's coming out around November 2009, about the time New Moon is coming out. To all of my fans, I love you! -♥-Annie BryantThis person is not the Annie Bryant nor a representative of the Beacon Street Girls. While we would love to have a Beacon Street Girls movie, one is not in the works at this time.

Is there a 13 of then beacon street girls?

No. There are only five. Avery, Katani, Isabel, Charlotte and Maeve.

How do you login to beacon street girls?

The website has been updated and cannot be logged into anymore, sadly.

When was North Beacon Street Bridge created?

North Beacon Street Bridge was created in 1917.

How do you log in to the new beacon street girls website?

They have improved the site so you can't log in or sign up for your account.

How do you fill your locker in beacon street girls?

you fill your locker by buying stuff at the stores. you can only buy it if you have HLP or M$M

Where is the log in on beacon street girls website?

The site makers said you can't log in anymore as the site is too expensive to run.

Is beacon street girls educational?

Yes, definitely some books and bits of most of them have educational parts. They are a really good series.

Beacon street girls-how do you log in?

hey they recently improved the site so you can no longer become a member or log into your account. it is sad but true.

How do you redeem Marty money on Beacon Street GIrls?

read the books in the back page is a little picture called marty money on it is a code

What are the release dates for 21 Beacon Street - 1959?

21 Beacon Street - 1959 was released on: USA: 2 July 1959