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The authors of both the words and music of the British National Anthem are unknown.

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Q: Who wrote the UK's national anthem 'God Save the Queen'?
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What is national anthem of Bermuda?

God Save the Queen

What is the name of canadas national anthem?

"O Canada" is the national anthem, and "God Save the Queen (or King)" is the royal anthem

Why dont nothern ireland have a national anthem?

It uses God Save the Queen, which is the British national anthem.

What song is Canadas national anthem?

Canada's national anthem is "O Canada" and its royal anthem is "God Save the Queen (or King)"

What is your natonal anthem?

my national anthem is g-d save the queen because i am english!

What is British National Anthem?

God save the Queen (or King)

What is the United Kingdom national anthem?

God Save The Queen.

What was the Australia national anthem in 1950?

God Save The Queen.

What is the Name Of UKs National Anthem?

God Save The Queen.

What is Denmark's national anthem called?

god save the queen

Does England have a national anthem?

No, there is no official English national anthem. They often use the United Kingdom and Commonwealth anthem 'God Save The Queen'.

The Brithish National Anthem?

The British National Anthem at the moment is this. "God Save the Queen." God Save the ____ (King/Queen) That is the British National Anthem. It is formed by the Royal Family of England. In London the Current Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II and her sons are ready to become King of England

What is Scotland's national anthem in English?

Scotland's official National Anthem is the same as the rest of the UK - 'God Save the Queen'.

What is the national song of Great Britain?

The British National Anthem is 'God Save The Queen'.

What is the national song in the United Kingdom?

England's National Anthem is God Save The Queen

What was the national anthem before O Canada?

God Save the Queen

What is the name national anthem of britain called?

God save the Queen.

Is the American national athem and England's national anthem the same music?

No. The American National Anthem is The Star Spangled Banner. The British(English) National Anthem is God Save the Queen.

What is the national song of the United Kingdom?

God save the queen Although God Save The Queen is definitely the UK national anthem the English are often heard using the song at English events when "Jerusalem" is actually there national anthem.

What are the national songs in Grenada?

The national anthem of Grenada is Hail Grenada. There is also a royal anthem of Grenada: God Save the Queen.

What is the name of the Royal Anthem of Canada?

Canada's Royal Anthem is "God Save The Queen." Canada's National Anthem is "O Canada."

Was God Save The Queen Canada's first anthem?

Although 'God Save The Queen' and 'The Maple Leaf Forever' were commonly used in Canada, the country did not have an official, legal national anthem until 'O Canada' was adopted in The National Anthem Act of 1980.

Was the national anthem written for George V?

No, "God Save the Queen" (or "King" during a king's reign) was adopted as the National Anthem in 1745.

What is England's national anthem?

'God Save the Queen', which is the national anthem of the United Kingdom. At sporting events where England compete, the anthem for English teams is 'God Save the Queen'. 'God Save the King' is used when the United Kingdom has a king. At some sporting events the crowd has been heard to sing 'God save our gracious team' rather than 'God save our gracious queen'.

What is the title of the national anthem of the UK?

"God Save the Queen" It changes to "God Save the King" as appropriate.