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The Salem Witch Trials is not an effin' book! They were a series of trials for witchcraft in 1692 Salem that condemned 19 innocent people.

Ann Rinaldi has written fiction about the witch panic in Salem. Worthwhile books about the trials include:

The Enemy Within by John Demos

In the Devil's Snare by Mary Beth Norton

Witch Hunt by Marc Aronson

A Fever in Salem by Laurie Carlson.

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Q: Who wrote the book the Salem witch trials?
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Related questions

What is the setting in the story Salem witch trials?

The Salem Witch Trials is NOT a title for a book. It is the name that describes a witch hysteria, a witch hunt and witch trials that occurred in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts and other towns in Essex County.

What books can one read to learn more about the Salem witch trials?

One book that one can read to learn more about the Salem witch trials is the book Witch of Blackbird Pond. Another book about it is the book The Burning Time.

How are the character from The Crucible different from the Salem witch trials?

No and yes. The Crucible is work of fiction centering around the Salem witch trials, so its characters are real people involved in the trials. However, not all the real people are there and the stories and bios of those who are were mangled while he wrote the book.

What book is the movie The Covenant based on?

Salem witch trials

What is a good book about Salem witch trials?

A really good book is Salem Witch. I don't know the author, but it has two sides of the story, one of the accused person, and the other of the the accuser. EDIT: That is not a good book is you want to read about the trials because its fiction. I would suggest Witch Hunt by Marc Aronson or A Fever in Salem by Laurie Carlson.

Were there any Beards in the Salem Witchcraft Trials?

No one of any significance in the trials was a Beard, but a man by that name wrote an early book on the trials.

Where did the book time of the witches take place?

Anna Myers' Time of the Witches took place in Salem, Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials.

What are the most important ideas to know about the Salem witch trials?

That we do not know the cause of the affliction and that if you find a book about the trials in the fiction section, its a novel, not a real historical account.

Why did arthur miller change what actually happened in the Salem witch trials to write his book?

Arthur Miller was trying mirror McCarthyism to make a point with his book so he had to doctor some facts to make them fit. He also had to tell a story so what he wrote about had to be interesting.

Why did Betty go into a deep sleep in salem witch trials?

I'm guessing that you read that in a book you found in the fiction section. It never happened.

Did Reverend John Hale of Beverly publicly apologize for his part in the Salem Witch Trials?

No EDIT: Yes, he did. In his book that attacked the preceedings and biblical justification for the Trials.

Is there any First-hand account of the Salem witch trials?

We have some of the court records, some letters by prominet people and Cotton Mather's Wonders of the Invisible World, the book that defends the trials.

Was Ann Rinaldi's family history affected by the history of the book A Break With Charity which was based on the Salem Witch trials?

No, there does not seem to be any relation between her family and the family's involved in the book.

What are the names of the witches in the Salem witch trials?

There may be too many to name every one, but this list from the University of Virginia includes the names and dates of accusations for most that are known. It came from a very reputable book on the Salem Witch Trials called "Salem Posessed" by Paul Boyer and Steven Nissenbaum: EDIT: There's actually a very easy number to name. NONE. There were no witches in Salem. The correct termonology is "Accused"

How the Salem witch trials end?

betty parris and Abigail Williams accused the ministers wife and then they found out that Abigail Williams and betty parris were lying so that they would be noticed because of the book that a guy wrote on witches they had every single thing that witches do to them happen to them

Were the poor accused of being a witch during the Salem witch trials?

Yes and the people who were different, alone, had a disability or just misunderstood. One UC Santa Barbara historian in her book on the trials states that her research points out that the community wanted to be rid of these people and even there were some who wanted their land, so the trials were a simple way to do this.

What are the settings for a break with charity?

The book 'A Break With Charity' by Ann Rinaldi is set in Salem, Massachusettes in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials. The main character Susanna faces a difficult choice when she learns her friends are going to start accusing people of witchcraft.

Who is Abigail faulkner in the book the sacrifice?

a girl during the salem witch trials with here sis dorothy but in reality, they all had different names

What is the name of the black cat in Sabrina The Teenage Witch?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch is comic book character and comic book series from Archie comics. The black cat in Sabrina the Teenage Witch is named Salem Saberhagen.

When was the apology for the Salem Witch Trials?

It depends on which person was doing the apology. For example, Reverand Hale's came in his book in the early 1700s. Ann Putnam jr's came in 1706. John Hathorne's never came.

What is the differces between The Crucible by Arthur Miller and the actual Salem witch trials?

Th Crucible changes a lot of the facts to match what he wanted to say. There's to many to list, so I would suggest reading the book In the Devil's Snare by Mary Beth Norton, a real account of the trials.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of using the Salem Witch Trials to distance the Crucible's actual purpose?

Strengths: It is a generally good comparison and the author could say it was just a novel on the Salem crisis and not an attack on a senator Weakness: the amount of incorrect information in the book pollutes the knowledge pool on the subject.

Differences between The Crucible and Salem witch trials?

they are the same broseph get a life i hate you :'( jk i love you <3 ;) read the book and use an amazing new invention called GOOGLE TROLOLOLO >:O

What is the plot of the book The Sacrifice by Kathleen Duble?

"The Sacrifice" is a historical fiction book loosely based on the author's family ancestry of Andover, Massachusetts. She was inspired to write this book when she moved to Andover in 1987 and her father taught her her family history. Her ancestors, the Faulkner's (family in the book.) The plot of the story takes place in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The people of Salem Village and Andover are beginning to hear about the strange "fits" that supposed "bewitched" girls claim to have. They claim to be tormented by unseen apparitions that only they can see. The two oldest daughters of the family, Abigail and Dorothy Faulkner, are later accused of being a witch by their former female servant, Sarah Phelps. This later leads to the Salem Witch Trials where 19 innocent people were hanged for witchcraft, and one man was crushed to death, Giles Cory, a man who was tortured to death by crushing him until he died nearly two days later. He refused to give a plead of innocent or guilty, so he died in stubborness. As some advice, this book is one of the best historical fiction books on the Witch Trials I have ever read, and I HIGHLY recommend it! I don't think you will be dissapointed! :)

How do you spell the word witch?

This is a sound-alike word which can be spelled witch and which. Which refers to "one of a selection" or refers back to a noun. The book, which was a best-seller, was banned overseas. Which candy, milk chocolate or dark chocolate, tastes the best? Witch is a noun. The witch stirred her brew. The Salem Witch trials are a big part of New England history.