Who wrote the first Spider-Man comic?


Stan Lee is the writer of the first Spider-man comic, and it was Steve Ditko who drew him. They are both considered to be the co-creators of Spider-man. Ditko was a zealous objectivist and adherent to Ayn Rands philosophies and his objective influence is very evident in early Spider-man issues. There is somewhat of a mystery why Steve Ditko left comic books and only returned to sporadic work in his later years. One story told is that he left disillusioned with the trend of comic books taking villains and turning them into heroes. Part of the objectivist philosophie holds that heroes and villains are iconic characters that must remain either heroic or villainous and no confusion should enter into that iconic ideal. Many just dismiss it as him being a prima Donna not wanting others to change his work, which of course, is another objective ideal.